Obama sparks covid ‘spreading’ health fears as he shakes hands with people at Inauguration

Joe Biden inauguration: Barack Obama greets people

The former US President arrived with his wife, Michelle, to witness Joe Biden’s inauguration into the White House. But Barack Obama sparked health fears as he shook hands with other leaders. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the public is advised to maintain social distancing and not greet each other by shaking hands. Twitter users were quick to comment on Mr Obama’s actions.

One wrote: “Too many people shaking hands at the Biden inauguration including Obama.

“And no social distancing. Whilst they have probably all tested negative, it’s not a good example during the Covid pandemic. All wearing masks at least.”

Another added: “Obama keeps hugging and shaking hands. Ugh!”

A third person said: “Michelle Obama is looking incredible, serving up some First Lady realness – but can everyone please stop shaking hands and fist-bumping. There’s a pandemic on and it’s making me nervous.”

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