Odd duo camp on ‘comfortable’ iceberg overnight for dinner, drinks and a snooze

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    Two blokes decided to spend the night on top of an iceberg for a Titanic-themed adventure.

    Daredevil duo Ammar Alkassm and Ethan Harold decided to sleep on an ice floe after being inspired by the iconic tragedy.

    The pals travelled to Twillingate, Canada – which has been dubbed the 'iceberg capital of the world' – and scaled the huge mass of ice for dinner, drinks and a snooze.

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    The famous iceberg that struck the Titanic in 1912 is thought to have floated along this stretch of coast, known as 'iceberg alley'.

    Ammar, from the town of Webster, New York, said: "We only stayed overnight. We recognised that the longer we stayed on the iceberg, the riskier it was.

    “We cooked some ramen noodles while on the iceberg using camping cookware and a portable propane burner.

    “Aside from water, we had a pack of locally-brewed ‘Iceberg Beer’ to enjoy.

    “I used an axe to break some ice chunks from the iceberg to keep the beer chilled inside a bucket.”

    To boost their chances of survival, Ammar started reading up on icebergs six weeks before undertaking the daring expedition.

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    The pair also spent time practicing self-rescue in cold waters with wetsuits and life vests. Ammar brought along a first-aid kit and personal locator beacon.

    He added: “The closest experience to camping on an iceberg that I can think of is ice fishing or camping on a frozen lake.

    “Sleeping on an iceberg turned out to be comfortable – we had warm sleeping bags and a thick air mattress that created a layer of air insulation away from the cold ice.

    “There is nothing like waking up in the morning to watch the sunrise while being surrounded by icebergs.

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    "Though no one can predict how a particular iceberg will behave, I figured that a tabular shaped iceberg, stuck next to shore in shallow water, is less likely to completely roll-over.”

    “A lot more went into preparation, but these are some of the key points."

    The crazy mission sparked debate about who should pay for search and rescue when thrill-seekers take risks that backfire.

    Even Ammar recommends against repeating the stunt, though he believes they took a justifiable risk.

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    He said: “In light of some of the criticism that we received, I do have something to say: there is a first time for everything. The drive to take risks and push the boundaries is part of being human.

    “Those who took risks are among the first to cross the oceans, traverse through the unexplored, break world records, and do what was once thought to be impossible.”

    The duo documented their escapade on their YouTube channel, Orange Carabiner.

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