On-duty Oklahoma police officer saves his children from fire at own house

An on-duty Oklahoma police officer was hospitalized after rescuing his children from a fire at his own house last Friday, a report said.

Officer Anthony Louie, with the Seminole Police Department, ran through his burning porch to save his two kids, ages 7 and 14, the department told USA Today.

Louie suffered burns to his face and smoke inhalation. His wife, Lureena Louie, told the Washington Post that her husband may be released from the hospital on Tuesday.

The Seminole Fraternal Order of Police is helping to raise funds for the family to cover the costs of lost property.

“The outpouring of support and love for Corporal Louie and his family from the citizens of Seminole and beyond has been amazing,” the group wrote in a Saturday Facebook post.

The officer’s wife credited the police group with helping her through the tragedy.

“If it weren’t for them, I probably couldn’t have gone through this,” she told the paper. “They’ve been by my side the whole way.”

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