Packed UK Christmas market declared ‘hell on earth’ and ‘claustrophobia sim’

A Brit Christmas market has been branded "hell on earth" by disgruntled visitors for its gargantuan queues and "crazy" prices.

Many Lincoln Christmas Market goers even had to queue for 45 minutes just to get out of the jam-packed event, Lincolnshire Live reported.

Lincoln Christmas Market is run by the City of Lincoln Council and the popular festive event, held in Uphill Lincoln, Lincolnshire attracts thousands of people from across the country every year.

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"The Christmas Market gives visitors and residents a truly festive experience, with a traditional, high quality event for all the family," states the website for the event.

But recent visitors might disagree, after reports of huge queues, which organisers admitted were unprecedented.

Yesterday, December 3, was one of the busiest Saturdays on record, Kate Ellis, Event Commander at Lincoln Christmas Market, said.

She also bit back at price complaints, saying visitors were "under no obligation to buy anything".

But social media user and attendee Katie Devlin put it differently, writing on Twitter: "Lincoln Christmas market is actual hell on earth!!"

"I’ve never seen anything like it! Pure carnage and crazy expensive," she added.

Another visitor said: "Lincoln Christmas Market reeks of Covid. If I've survived this without it then I've got super powers."

One man, in response to Katie, said he went on Thursday to avoid queues but still found that "everything is very expensive and there are even fewer stalls again this year."

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"Claustrophobia Simulator 2022, now available in Lincoln," another person tweeted, attaching photos of the humongous, tightly-packed crowds of people.

Hundreds of people took to the official Lincoln Christmas Market Facebook page to voice their anger at the alleged lack of organisation. One user said: "We spent just over 2 hours in total from getting out the car at the park and ride to getting back to the car!!! An hour getting through the market.

"Couldn't even see the stalls, so didn't even know what was there. And queued another 45 mins at least for the bus back! Went last year and it was lovely, this year will definitely be the last, unfortunately."

Kate Ellis, event commander at Lincoln Christmas Market, said Saturday "was one of the busiest days in the 40 year history of Lincoln Christmas Market".

She told The Daily Star: “We are a free event and visitors are under no obligation to buy anything while here. The Market offers a range of food at all price points, and many more options are available in the nearby shops, cafes and restaurants.

“There were some queues on Saturday afternoon due to the large number of visitors. We apologise to those who were inconvenienced by the crowd control measures we needed to implement to ensure a safe event.”

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