Pair of fishermen stranded at sea for eight days finally rescued by navy

A pair of Iranian fishermen have been rescued after being stranded at sea for EIGHT DAYS.

The men were rescued by American Naval officers in the Gulf of Oman.

They were picked up by the USNS Charles Drew ship, and given medical care, food and water.

Members of an international naval coalition heard the distress call, which led to them being picked up.

They were then sent to an Omani coast guard vessel near Muscat on Sunday.

How they became stranded is, as yet, unknown.

The pair are said to be "in good health and spirits", according to a spokesman for the Naval Forces Central Command.

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, commander of the US Naval Forces Central Command said: "This is what we are trained and ready to do.

"As professional mariners, we have a responsibility to help people in need at sea."

Iranian leaders, and media, have not commented on the rescue, as the relationship between the two countries is tense, especially in a week when indirect nuclear talks between them both and others restarted today in Vienna.

Previous president Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement in 2018, and last year Iran said it would not abide by the plan after a US drone strike killed commander Qassem Soleimani.

He was the leader of the country's elite Quds Force.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said last month that America was "prepared to turn to other options if the negotiations fail".

He said: "There are a cascading set of consequences for all of this coming undone.

"I just don’t see how this comes to a happy conclusion."

One of America's biggest allies, Israel, has openly said that it is "ready to take military action to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons".

Iran, however, constantly says that it only has a nuclear programme for "peaceful purposes".

The countries have not had diplomatic relationships since 1979, although this doesn't stop nearby naval boats rescuing stranded fishermen.

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