Parents blame Scot sex ed curriculum school's 'inappropriate classes'

Parents blame Scotland’s sex education curriculum for Isle of Man school bringing in drag queen as guest speaker and lessons showing how skin graft could be taken from girl’s arm to create an artificial penis

  • An independent review has been launched into Queen Elizabeth II High School
  • The review comes after parents raised concerns about sex education lessons

A Scottish syllabus has been blamed for a school’s sex education lessons that saw a drag queen guest tell pupils there were 73 genders.

Other class topics that stunned parents included teachings on oral and anal sex, sex-change operations and how skin grafts can be used on an artificial penis.

Another teacher is also said to have had to teach pupils in Year 7 and 8 how to masturbate. 

The disquiet over the lessons at Queen Elizabeth II High School in Peel, Isle of Man, has sparked in independent review after children were left ‘traumatised’.

One parent told MailOnline the lessons had appeared to have stemmed from the island taking on the Scottish sex education syllabus.

He said: ‘No-one can understand why the Scottish suggestions have been taken on like this.

An independent review has been launched into Queen Elizabeth II High School in Peel, Isle of Man

‘There have been ten to 11-year-olds taught about how to make a penis from skin on a forearm.

‘You can’t have children going into a biology lesson and be told there is male and female and then go into another and be told there are 73 genders.

‘This sort of thing is not appropriate for that age.’ 

The review of the school’s personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) curriculum, led by the island’s government, comes after parents raised concerns.

It includes a drag queen teaching the children some of whom were as young as 11, that there are 73 genders.

When a pupil said ‘there’s only two’, the drag queen made the child leave the classroom.

The concerns centre around the ‘graphic, disproportionate, indecent presentation’ of sexual acts and gender identities

Eliza Cox, vice-chairman of Marown Parish Commissioners, told Energy FM on the island: ‘A lot of children are just too traumatised to even talk to their parents. As a parent, you don’t know what children are being taught.’

A petition, addressed to the school’s head teacher, has been started by parents calling for an ‘immediate investigation’ into the lessons.

It reads: ‘We consider the attendance of a “drag queen” in class and alienating students clearly confused about the information discussed during this session wholly inappropriate.

‘How, who and why was this guest speaker permitted to discuss gender issues to an inappropriate child audience by an inexperienced and untrained adult?’

The Isle of Man government has said it has launched an independent review to gain an understanding of what has taken place. 

It comes after the island introduced a new relationships and sex education (RSE) curriculum in September.

Charlotte Clarke, the school’s head teacher, said: ‘Having viewed a video which is currently circulating on social media relating to the school’s RSE curriculum and its delivery, we are concerned that there could be a number of inaccuracies with the information being shared.

‘Given the concerns being raised, and in order to be open and transparent, we requested an independent review into the situation. 

‘As such I am happy to take part in the independent review which is being deployed by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture and would encourage our community to avoid speculation at this time.’

A spokesperson for the Department for Education added: ‘Schools must make sure all content they use is factual and age-appropriate, and engage with parents so they are aware of what their children are being taught.

‘We will write to all schools this term to emphasise the rights of parents to see teaching materials being taught to their children in schools.’

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