PCSO molested ‘pretty’ colleague half his age in police station basement gym

A Police Community Support Officer molested a colleague half his age in a police station gym after she rejected his advances.

PCSO Edward Oniba has been found guilty of sexual assault and suspended from his job for kissing a fellow officer on the neck.

The creep approached his colleague after she'd just wrapped up a two-hour gym session and asked for her number, to which she was forced to repeatedly decline.

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Ignoring the woman's plea not to hug her because she was "very sweaty", Oniba lunged forward and grappled her anyway, kissing her on the neck in the process.

The offender admitted he thought he "had a good chance because she told me her name".

At Harrow Crown Court Circuit, Judge Alistair Wright sentenced Oniba to a 12-month community order, 100 hours paid work, and put him on the sex offenders register for five years.

He is currently suspended but now faces a disciplinary hearing and could be booted out of the job.

A report released on Tuesday revealed that less than 1% of officers and police staff accused of abusing women and girls have been sacked.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, did not know Oniba.

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She had never worked with him and only recognised his face from sharing a 40 to 50 metre-long open-plan office in Kilburn Police Station, north west London.

A week prior to the offence the defendant began speaking to the solitary woman in the small corridor outside the officers' underground gym.

The dad-of-three, who had been a PCSO since 2007, asked if she was married. He added "all the good looking females are usually taken" and said he would "check her out" when she walked past him.

The PCSO, whose role was to protect the community, said the female officer didn't need to use the gym because she looked good already.

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Peter Rouch KC, prosecuting, said: "On the evening of the 30 October she went to the gym. When the defendant saw her he took off his headphones and began talking to her.

"He asked her for her telephone number. She said her partner would not like that. He then took out his phone and repeatedly asked her. She repeated she wouldn't give him her telephone number.

"As they were talking the defendant was gradually getting closer to her. He then asked her if have a hug, which made her feel very awkward.

"She said 'no, I'm very sweaty.' He said 'don't worry, I am too.'

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"He hugged her. She patted his back so as to tell him to let her go, and then he kissed her on the neck."

Oniba denied kissing her neck but insistently told the jury she was a "pretty girl" and that he told her so in the hope they would begin a relationship.

The defendant said: "The first time I knew her I paid her a compliment. She is a pretty girl, I have to say.

"She was laughing, and I thought I had a good chance because she told me her name and I got to know how long she had been in the job."

Chief Superintendent Dan Knowles, who is in charge of policing for the North West BCU, said: "I am absolutely appalled by PCSO Oniba's completely inappropriate behaviour, which has absolutely no place in the Met."


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