Piers Morgan beamed onto Houses of Parliament amid calls to lead country

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A week’s a long time in politics. Just ask Piers Morgan.

Last week the Daily Star jokingly asked the question on nobody’s lips: Would PM be a better PM than our current PM?

And it seems we may have inadvertently unleashed a monster.

Shy and retiring Piers – no stranger to holding our politicians to account on Good Morning Britain – leapt on the idea. He even came up with a 20-point manifesto that he hopes will lead him to power.

Others were horrified at the idea – not least his co-star Susanna Reid who had to endure his endless crowing.

But his odds were slashed from 500/1 to just 20/1 in a single day. The movement had begun…

Now there is nothing left to do but put the question to the whole country: Are we ready for #PMFORPM?

And to help all those floating voters yet to decide, tonight we've projected Piers onto the historic Houses of Parliament.

So, are you Team Piers or Team Bozo? Have your say, cast your vote and let’s put the matter to bed once and for all.

Who should be the next Prime Minister? Take part in our survey below.

If you are unable to see the survey, please click here

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