Playboy model’s stalker hell as detective uses police data to spy on her

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A detective in Austria has been jailed after using confidential police data to spy on a former Playboy model.

An unnamed 48-year-old was handed a conditional jail sentence of 10 months for 'stalking' and repeated 'espionage attacks' on Catherine ‘Cathy’ Lugner, 31 – ex-wife of eccentric property tycoon Richard Lugner.

He was jailed for abuse of office, violation of official secrecy and grossly negligent violations of the freedom of the person, according to

The detective was arrested in front of his colleagues in Vienna, after being accused of having requested confidential data about Lugner, which he claims were investigations based on anonymous information.

The detective had previously claimed that he "had an official tip that I followed."

His lawyer Marcus Januschke claimed the entire procedure was a plot against his client, who he described as a "policeman with body and soul".

The public prosecutor argued, however, that "the police officer abused his office, deliberately violated data rights like those of Mrs Lugner."

The detective was also found guilty of failing to immediately submit an expert report to the judiciary in a drug case that had exonerated an arrested suspect.

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As a result, the drug case suspect had remained in custody longer than was necessary, but it is unclear for how long.

The detective was also found guilty of having sent his wife screenshots from an investigation file to show her that he was still at work.

The officer has also reportedly been suspended from his work for three years in a separate disciplinary hearing.

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