Police issue shark attack warning to swimmers after dozens seen in chilling clip

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Police have issued a warning to beachgoers to avoid shark-infested waters after dozens of them were spotted in a terrifying video.

In the clip filmed by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office’s aviation unit in Florida last week, the sea appeared teeming with the deadly beasts.

Police shared the video on Facebook alongside a grave caution for would-be swimmers.

They wrote: "A day in the water is a fun way to beat our Florida heat, but it's important to be aware of the dangers below the water as well as above.

"Our Aviation Unit captured this video of sharks swimming near the Anclote Sandbar and Anclote Island earlier this week.

"This National Water Safety Month, familiarize yourself with the water safety tips below before heading into the water."

People were told to "be cautious of your surroundings", "learn to swim and always swim with a buddy", "keep a fully charged phone and first aid kit close by for emergencies" and "never leave children unattended in or near water".

The sharks seen in the video are likely blacktip sharks, according to NBC Miami.

Blacktip sharks have been known to grow over 9ft in length (2.74m), although an average adult tends to be around 5ft long (1.52m).

According to experts, they move into shallow waters during the spring and summer months, coinciding with when people typically enjoy beach holidays.

They are said to be responsible for around 16% of the shark attacks in Florida.

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Luckily, attacks remain relatively rare in the state, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission saying people are 30 times more likely to be struck by lightning.

Guidance on their website reads: "On average worldwide, fewer than 10 people die from shark attacks each year.

"The percentage of fatal shark attacks has dramatically decreased worldwide: in Florida, shark attacks are fatal less than 1% of the time, far less than the current worldwide average (~10%).

"Florida's diverse shark population includes species that range in size from only a few feet to more than 40 feet in total length.

"Most of these species feed on fishes or marine invertebrates. Some even feed on plankton, but none see humans as a food source."

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