Powerful group of MPs back The Sun’s Show Some Bottle campaign and urge Govt to go further

A POWERFUL group of MPs today back The Sun's Show Some Bottle campaign to boost recycling – and say ministers should go even further.

MPs blasted the eight billion bottles wasted every year by Brits and said a deposit return scheme, as we've been calling for, will help boost eco-warriors and help the planet.

The Environmental Audit Committee also called on the Government to look at including cardboard cartons and glass too.

The Sun is campaigning for ministers to bring forward plans for a deposit return scheme, where the public could get 20p returned to them for recycling their plastic bottles.

The EAC says one scheme should be put in place across the whole of the UK, to stop a barmy postcode lottery from breaking out.

Tory MP Philip Dunne, who chairs the committee, said last night: "A deposit return scheme can increase current rates of recycling, incentivising people to get money back on their single-use containers.

"So it was disappointing that the Government delayed the introduction of a DRS to 2024, and it is critical that this consultation helps finalise the design of the scheme so it is not delayed any more."

He blasted ministers for not being more ambitious to clean up Britain's sea of plastic bottles, which are "polluting our streets, roadsides, rivers and beaches".

Brits use 14 billion plastic bottles a year.

Only half of what Brits put in their recycle bins is actually reused, with many tonnes going to be incinerated or dumped overseas instead.

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