Princess Diana ‘found her power’ from Vogue photoshoot before leaving Charles

It has been revealed the moment when Princess Diana 'found her power' after a bold move that saw her move away from Prince Charles and the Royal Family.

The move has been revealed ahead of the highly anticipated release of Spencer, the biographical film set in December 1991 when Diana decides to leave Prince Charles.

It has been revealed that in December 1991, the month when the film is based, Diana appeared on the cover of Vogue looking far from royal.

The then Princess appeared in a plain black polo neck, with make-up artist Mary Greenwell who worked with her on that shoot singling it out as a milestone.

She told the Telegraph: "The moment she found her power was doing the Vogue cover, it changed everything for her.

"It was organised separately from the Royal family via her wonderful stylist Anna Harvey, a Vogue fashion editor. It was hugely empowering for her because it wasn’t about anything other than being absolutely herself."

Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine, who knew, interviewed, and wrote about Diana being someone who could "‘be different things on different days, even on the same day".

But both Sam McKnight, a hairstylist who worked with Diana, and Mary Greenwell described a woman who was aware and in power: "I remember her walking into the studio and it was like we’d known her all our lives, she was so un-royal."

McKnight said: "Of course we curtsied, but after that we just laughed and laughed,’ says Greenwell. ‘She disarmed us all."

Seward added: "She was charming, funny and really normal – that was a huge part of her attraction. It was never in a fake way. I don’t think Diana saw herself as a victim at all.

"She saw herself as a single woman before the end of her marriage. She was very funny about it all, that’s how she dealt with life – she was either crying or laughing."

In December 1992, a year later, Prime Minister John Major announced the Wale's separation in the House of Commons.

That same day Princess Diana was seen visiting a school in Tyne and Wear, wearing a Chanel jacket with the distinct CC buttons.

Diana later revealed to Australian fashion editor Jayson Brunsdon that she couldn't wear the infamous CC logo because "it's Camilla and Charles".

But on that day it perhaps signalled the intimation of her view on the end of their marriage.

Seward said: "Once the separation was over, the Royal family breathed a big sigh of relief and Diana became much stronger, she became a very independent woman and started doing the things she wanted to."

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