Priti Patel plans migration crackdown to stop adults posing as child refugees after string of cases

PRITI Patel is planning a migration crackdown to stop adults posing as child refugees after a string of cases.

The Home Secretary is set to take further action after several refugees ended up in UK schools pretending to be minors.

The Home Office is looking into setting up an independent age assessment body who will make decisions on asylum seekers who claim to be under age.

Anyone who appears to be a minor at the moment is treated as one until their age can be verified.

At the moment the limit is if someone looks over 25, but this will be lowered down to 18.

Last year Home Office analysis showed that more than half of asylum seekers who pretended to be kids were actually adults.

And early two thirds of all cases which were disputed were ruled to be adults too.

The Parsons Green bomber, Ahmed Hassan, is just one of several asylumn seekers who have lied about their age to get into Britain.

The Old Bailey was told he "exploited the generosity and naiveity of the system".

Other examples include a school-pupil who looked as old as a 40-year-old man.

Concerned parents have demanded answers after a new student who looks far too old to be in Year 11 and "has a thin hairline" arrived at the school in Coventry.

Coventry City Council was forced to send a letter to parents after the pupil took his place in classes earlier this month.

The letter sparked fear among parents that the male did not possess a birth certificate or passport for officials to prove his age before enrolling.

It comes two years after a schoolboy in Ipswich, who said he was 15 but was accused by classmates of being a 30-year-old man, was found to be an adult

The pupil – alleged to be an asylum seeker from the Middle East – was removed from the school – after an official report assessed him as being over 18 years of age.

An investigation was launched when a pupil posted a picture of their new classmate in uniform in a classroom on Snapchat with a message saying: “How’s there a 30-year-old man in our maths class?”

It comes as The Sun revealed today the Home Secretary is also looking at hoe to help the needy flee war zones with safer passages to the UK – to slash the lure of people-smugglers.

But her plans to rip up parts of the Modern Slavery Act which is exploited by criminals sets government on warpath with ex-PM Theresa May.

After the success of the “path to citizenship” for Hong Kongers fleeing the Chinese regime, the Home Secretary will set up the new legal pathways to try stem the tide of illegal crossings over the channel.

Ms Patel will outline the “firm but fair” package next week which will make sure vulnerable asylum seekers aren’t jumped by economic migrants.

The Modern Slavery Act can be used by terrorists and those being deported to stay in the UK will be tweaked to stop people taking advantage of it.

Genuine refugees will be able to come to the UK through agencies working in war zones and volatile areas of the world.

A Whitehall said: “We’re committed to setting up safe legal routes, which will be fair, and will ensure those under oppression, persecution and tyranny to come to UK.”

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