Putin ‘bathes in antler blood to boost male potency’ in grim health ritual

Bonkers Vladimir Putin bathes in antler blood because he believes it has health benefits including boosting male potency, reports claim.

The Russian president has been a fan of the procedure since the mid-2000s and isn’t the only Kremlin official to enjoy the bizarre ritual.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin is also said to soak in the rare liquid, which is extracted by painfully hacking off a deer's horns.

Defence minister Sergei Shoigu introduced the alternative treatment to Putin who washed in a “bathtub containing an odorant extract from blood-filled deer antlers”.

Although there is no evidence for the health benefits, the blood’s alleged impacts also include age reversal, bone and muscle strengthening, and even improvements to eyesight and hearing.

It has been a tradition for hundreds of years in Russia and there is also evidence of it taking place in China and Korea.

The reports from investigative media outlet Proekt also say that Putin is so wary of his health he always has a thyroid cancer doctor by his side.

Top medic Yevgeny Selivanov from Moscow's Central Clinical Hospital has flown to assess the former KGB man at least 35 times in his Black Sea resort Sochi.

Proekt’s report stated: “We promised to reveal to you the main secret of the Kremlin. Of course, we are talking about the health of Vladimir Putin.

“It is generally accepted that in the 23rd year of his reign, the President of Russia is only interested in geopolitics.

“In fact, there is at least one other issue that Putin is hardly less worried about – his own health.

“There is indeed talk in medical circles about the president's health problems.

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“These conversations intensified in the early autumn of last year, when Putin behaved especially strangely.”

It comes amid widespread speculation in the West over the reasons behind the Russian leader’s erratic behaviour.

Recent public appearances show his "strong man" image marred with a more "bloated" and "weakened" look, with experts claiming a decline in his health could be influencing his decision making.

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