Putin is a crocodile eating Ukraine's leg says Boris as PM calls to flood Ukraine with rocket launchers to defeat Russia

EVIL Putin is a crocodile eating Ukraine's leg, Boris Johnson said today as he urged Nato to flood Ukraine with new rocket launchers.

The PM insisted it was impossible to negotiate with the mad dictator for a peace deal – slapping down Macron and Biden who have privately pressed for one to stop the war.

He insisted that under-fire Ukraine needed a new type of multiple launch rocket system to enable them to defend themselves against shells and bullets raining down from Russia's murderous army.

And the only way he could see the brutual conflict from ending was if Putin claimed victory in his warped battle to try and rid Ukraine of so-called Nazis.

He told Bloomberg today: "I think that they what they need is the type of rocketry – A Multiple Launch Rocket System ML is that would enable them to defend themselves against his very brutal Russian artillery.

"That's where the world needs to needs to go."

He said anyone pushind a deal with Putin had no idea what they were dealing with – and he was a man not to be trusted.

The PM said en route to a visit in Middlesborough today: "I say to any such proponent of a deal with Putin… how can you deal with a crocodile when it's in the middle of eating your left leg? 

"What is the negotiation?"

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Mr Johnson predicted Putin would try to "freeze the conflict" and "call for a ceasefire" while he remains in possession of huge parts of Ukraine – to try and gain the upper hand in negotiations.

He said "everybody gets that" it's not possible now to make a peace deal with him.

The PM stressed: "Once once you go through the logic, You can see that it's very, very difficult to get a negotiated solution.

"The one way it can end is to accept that the de-nazification has taken place… and he's able to withdraw with dignity and honour. I'm not saying there were any nazis in Ukraine but one of the interesting things is the very strong support Putin commands in Russia. 

"I think he has the political margin of manoeuvre to make an end of this."

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