Putin went from ‘determined’ leader to ‘little old man’ after Victory Day speech

Russia’s “strongman” leader Vladimir Putin looked like a “little old man feeling the cold” as he huddled under a blanket during Moscow’s Victory Day parade, a leading body language expert has said.

Today’s Victory Day event has been the most closely-watched in many years due to the situation in Ukraine, and many observers raised concerns over the Russian leader’s appearance.

Adrianne Carter, known to fans as ‘The Face Whisperer” said that Putin seemed to have lost his former strength.

She told the Daily Star: “His posture in this morning's clip is upright and determined…but in the blanket clip, it's a little old man feeling the cold”.

Adrianne pointed out that Putin’s shoulders are “not as square and back as they normally are”.

“I'd say it's a tired and deflated posture like an old man with no fight in him,” she added.

“The blanket incident is typical of something you'd see in an old peoples home.”

Putin’s speech was nowhere near as dramatic as experts had predicted, with no sense that he intended to escalate the conflict and a seemingly trying to push the focus of the campaign onto the comparatively small Donbas region.

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After talking about the sacrifices the Soviet people had made during World War Two, Putin tried to justify the war on Ukraine, saying that his attack on Russia's neighbour had been necessary to ward off "an absolutely unacceptable threat just next to our borders".

He also claimed the West had been "preparing for the invasion of our land, including Crimea".

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Assessing the lacklustre speech, military expert Lord Dannatt said Putin looked "puffy" and did not appear to be "moving freely".

Lord Dannatt, former head of the British Army, told Sky News: "I was really just commenting on how President Putin looked.

"He doesn't seem to be moving as freely and as easily as one has seen him do to in the past.

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"I think we've all commented that, actually, he looked pretty puffy around the face.

"I don't know how well or how unwell he is, there's people circulating rumours he's got cancer of some sort. I don't know.

However, he added, if the Russian leader were to “go under a bus,” Lord Dannatt said, there was no guarantee that the next Russian president would be any less of a threat to the West.

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And foreign correspondent John Sweeney, who is currently reporting from inside Ukraine, said that the signs of weakness could lead to a challenge from inside the Kremlin: "No declaration of big war; no call-up; no General Gerasimov,” he tweeted.

“Listen: you can hear the knives being sharpened."

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