Putin will die in office ‘from old age or bullets’ despite £170billion fortune

Vladimir Putin will likely die "either of old age or with bullets in his back" and his great wealth will not save him, a Russian corruption expert based in the US has claimed.

Nate Sibley told the Daily Express: “One thing we can predict with more certainty is that, unlike so many wealthy Russians, Putin does not plan on retiring peacefully to a mansion on the French Riviera with his mistresses."

Although he claims to only make £120,000 a year and live in an 800 sq ft flat, according to his 2020 financial disclosure, it is thought Russia's president is one of the world’s richest men, with assets worth up to £170billion.

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Mr Sibley continued: "He watched carefully as other former Soviet leaders tried to extricate themselves from authoritarian regimes – and as they failed.

"What luxuries you can buy with vast wealth has become less important to Putin, over the years, than who and what you can control.

“Others with ambitions of their own might like to see him stripped of power, rotting in a cell, or swinging from a lamppost. Whatever his future holds, it is increasingly unlikely to be a happy ending.”

A further blow to Putin came this

Recent reports have suggested Putin's health is deteriorating, with a range of health problems including Parkinson's and thyroid cancer, and the Russian telegram channel General SVR claims the 70-year-old will have to undergo treatment in March.

Following a vote in 2021, it is possible that Putin could serve for two more terms, potentially remaining in power until he is 84.

A further blow to Putin came this week with the surprise visit of US President Joe Biden to Ukraine.

Former Russian MP Ilya Ponomarev, 47, who now lives in exile in Ukraine, told Express.co.uk that “since Putin never went for real elections, he never actually needed to be open," adding: "So why would he do it at the end of his life?”

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Anthony Burr, a public relations expert of Burr Media who has lived in both the UK and Russia, said: “His senior government positions are all filled with cronies from his KGB days and all of the same generation.

"He even cleverly changed the constitution during his time as ‘Prime Minister’ which allowed him to rule indefinitely, making modern-day Russia a true autocracy."

Mr Burr explained that Putin is projecting a "strongman" persona who "simply does not get sick", particularly during a war when the population is increasingly anxious and looking to their leader for stability.

But Dr Roger Gewolb, a political expert and head of fairmoney.com, said: "Certainly, despite all the repeated evidence, it is still not possible to say that President Putin is unfit for purpose."


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