Putin’s state television mocks Queen’s

Russian State TV mocks Queen's 'discomfort' during Jubilee

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Russian state television has mocked the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the UK as the Queen was forced to miss the Thanksgiving service on the second day of the bank holiday weekend.

“With great reluctance”, the monarch was not present at Friday’s celebrations as the Queen reportedly experienced “some discomfort” during Thursday’s events, suggesting her health concerns had been prioritised. 

Russian hosts claimed the Queen’s “discomfort” was the result of Russian interference as Putin’s media continues to spout pro-war propaganda.

Hosts of network Russia One said: “As Buckingham Palace said, the Queen is experiencing some discomfort.”

Another host interrupted: “And we know why – listen!

“It’s a Jubilee, 70 years on the throne and all that.

“To mark the occasion, warplanes did a flypast over the British Parliament, of course, the sky was painted in the colours of the British flag. 

“Then, Russian military intelligence interfered in the form of a white cloud.”

The Queen was forced to miss the Thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral after she experienced some level of discomfort during the Trooping of the Colour parade on Thursday.

The host continued: “As a result, it became a Russian tri-colour. 

“As a result, in shock, the Queen experiences discomfort and, Boris Johnson, as usual, reaches for the bottle.”

The pundit claimed the monarch’s discomfort was credited to Russian interference in the Jubilee as he suggested the red, white and blue smoke trailing behind ceremonial aircrafts represented the Russian flag.

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As the conflict in Ukraine moves into the 100th day of fighting, the UK has come together as the nation celebrates the achievement of the Royal Family and the acclaimed reign of the Queen.

An additional broadcast by state-owned network Russian One branded the Jubilee as “opulent” as the network condemned the funds spent on the lavish national celebrations. 

As part of an evening news broadcast, a Russian journalist said: “The UK, which as a consequence of its sanctions against Russia is bracing for power cuts, has found the money for an opulent celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.”

The report added: “Boris Johnson is trying to revive British influence on the European continent by actively interfering in events in Ukraine.”

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Russia media has repeatedly denounced the leadership of the Prime Minister as Boris Johnson has led many other European nations in supplying military aid to Ukrainian forces.

Putin’s television network has branded the Platinum Jubilee a distraction from political issues in the United Kingdom.

Russia One claimed the reign of the Queen “has seen the final collapse of the British Empire” despite the noble 70 years of continued leadership the monarch has displayed.

The Russia pro-war propaganda network denounced allies of Ukraine as NATO nations have provided, and continue to pledge, extensive military backing to the defensive front against Putin’s invasion.

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