Queen ‘made stark admission about health’ at end of COP26 speech, expert claims

The Queen made a stark admission about her ongoing health battle during a powerful speech to COP26, a royal commentator has claimed.

Her Majesty cancelled her attendance at the climate summit in Glasgow after being ordered to rest for two weeks by her doctors, having spent a night in hospital last month.

She instead addressed leaders over a pre-recorded video message.

The Queen paid tribute to her “dear late husband” Prince Philip, saying it was a “source of great pride” the important role he played in the battle against climate change.

She also said she “could not be more proud” of Prince Charles and Prince William who have continued his work.

But it was seven words at the end of her four-minute speech that most intrigued news.au royal expert Daniela Elser.

After calling for “action” over “words”, the Queen acknowledged that these actions “will no the there to enjoy for all of us here today”.

She then added: “We, none of us, will live forever.”

In a news.au comment piece titled 'The Queen’s stark health admission during emotional speech', Daniela said one of her last comments were particularly chilling given the monarch’s recent health battles.

The expert said the speech was “no ordinary outing or platitude-filled opener”.

“Instead, the 95-year-old delivered a powerful, largely unprecedented address which included the most frank admission we have seen yet about her current situation, saying, ‘We none of us will live forever’," she continued.

“Those seven words might be the simple truth but given recent events, they are no less chilling.”

The sight of the Queen using a walking stick sent shockwaves around the world last month, days before it was announced she had spent one night in hospital.

She then cancelled her next two week’s worth of engagements on the advice of doctors.

Daniela claimed the speech offered no “diplomatic tiptoeing” that is often seen in royal messages and constituted “the most direct and forceful insertion of the monarchy”.

The expert asked whether one reason for this change in tack, could be an “admission” that the Queen only has a limited time left to make an impact.

“With a finite amount of time remaining, are we seeing the Queen, even marginally, colouring outside the lines?” she asked.

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