Queen replies to girl, 5, who sent picture to cheer her up after Philip’s death

A five-year-old girl was left amazed after she received a reply from the Queen to her letter saying she knew she was “sad” following Prince Philip’s death and asking about her clothes and pets.

Erin Bywater, from Scunthorpe, says she will treasure the letter and wants to show it off to her friends at school, reports Grimsby Live.

She was learning about the Royal Family and wanted to help when she heard that Philip had died.

She wrote a letter to the Queen including a picture that she had drawn in the hope it would make the monarch feel better.

It was a real shock to her family that Erin got a quick reply from Buckingham Palace especially due to the Queen’s commitments at the moment and the number of letters she will be receiving.

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“The letter came as a complete surprise,” said Erin’s mum Nicola.

“She had only just started asking about who the Queen was and what she did the day before Prince Philip died, which was quite spooky.

“We sent it off and didn’t expect to hear anything back.

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“Then on Saturday we got a letter addressed to her from the Palace which left her jumping up and down with joy.

“I can’t believe first of all that they replied and second that they did it so quickly, they must be inundated with letters at the moment.

“She wants to tell absolutely everyone she knows, including all her teachers and friends. Once she’s taken it to school, we will put it somewhere safe where it can be treasured.”

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Erin’s adorable letter included a hand-drawn picture of the Queen, saying: “I like your hats and coats. Do you have a royal cat or dog?

“I know you are sad so thought you would like this picture.”

In response, the Palace replied: “I send you my sincere thanks for your kind words of sympathy on the death of my husband. Elizabeth R.”

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