Raunchy judge suspended for half-naked hearing finally returns to court

A judge who showed up to a virtual hearing half-naked has finally returned to work after she was suspended from her job.

Colombian Judge Vivian Polania was placed on unpaid leave for three months after she conducted the trial from bed in what appeared to be her underwear while smoking a cigarette back in November of last year.

Her temporary absence was expected to last until February but as the month came and went the raunchy judge showed no signs of returning to the courtroom.

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However today she posted several snaps to Instagram in which she could be seen sporting her official robes, announcing she was finally ready to resume her duties.

She wrote: "Officially back!!

"They were very difficult months, recovering my health, my peace of mind, even the desire to live, many thanks to everyone for every word of love, thanks to you I can wear my robe again!!"

Her many fans rushed to comment on the post, which has amassed more than 7,000 likes.

"Mental strength doc, you are smart, beautiful, outstanding and very loved in the networks, we are your support," one wrote, while another chimed in: "Crime trembles, the sexiest judge returns!"

Meanwhile a third added: "Excellent, the best, you are an example."

Polania was initially suspended for three months late last year after it was found she violated several administrative regulations, according to the Judicial Disciplinary Commission in Norte de Santander.

The scantily-clad judge, 34, appeared on a Zoom call smoking a cigarette in what seemed to be little more than her underwear while she oversaw a hearing about a car bombing.

A probe into the incident found Polania had kept her camera off for nearly an hour during the hearing before seemingly turning it on by accident.

When her screen flickered to life she could be seen lying on a bed in what was described as a "deplorable" state, appearing "dishevelled with sleepy eyes" while smoking a cigarette.

Polania was also accused of slurring her speech during the trial.

A lawyer at the hearing informed Polania that her camera was on, prompting her to quickly turn it off again.

The controversial clip quickly went viral online, prompting an investigation into her behaviour that ultimately led to her temporary court ban.

Polania hasn't confirmed whether she'll continue to post racy content on Instagram as she takes up the robe again, but her high-powered job hasn't stopped her from baring all online before and she has been investigated for wearing minimal clothing in the past.

She even earned the nickname the "versatile judge" for posted sexy snaps to Instagram and claimed her good looks earned her discounts from designer clothing companies.

Polania once said of her fiery posts: “A person does not take pictures for the sake of taking them or to have people hit the ‘like’ button.

“When you have a large number of followers, companies and designers start looking for you to give you discounts or promotions.”

She has also spoken out before to shut down expectations that she should cover up because of her job.

In the wake of one workplace investigation into her outfit choices, she said: "I am the only woman who does not have the right to wear a bathing suit, because rather, it goes against the dignity of the administration of justice."

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