Ripped beachgoer chases off six wild boars on Marbella beach

The tables have turned! Ripped beachgoer chases off six wild boars on Marbella beach… after animal’s rampage antics give sunbathers the fright of their lives

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A ripped beachgoer has been filmed chasing after a pack of wild boars who wandered onto a Spanish beach and ransacked rubbish-filled bags.

The animals were spotted searching for food by tourists on a beach in Estrella del Mar, near Marbella in the Malaga Province, last weekend.

Phone footage shows a family of six boars walking through the sand among stunned sunbathers.

The animals climbed over and under deck chairs as they scoured the area for food before digging through rubbish bags in search of scraps.

Dozens of bathers carefully backed away to avoid getting accidentally attacked, with the animals having a history of emerging from the sea and then clamping their teeth on unsuspecting sun worshippers.

A man attempts to shoo the pack of six wild boars by running and shouting at them

The boars, who had been rampaging the beach’s sunbeds, run away from the man and take refuge on a sand dune

However one man, with a drink in hand, decided to turn the tables and ran after the animals while shouting at them to prevent them from approaching him.

In the clip, he succeeds in forcing the boars a few feet away. But the animals remain on a sand dune ready to pounce again when the man turns away.

A third piece of footage seems to show they soon returned as they can be seen digging through the rubbish next to his bags.

Wild boars are often seen around Spanish beaches. Last year, a wild boar emerged from the Med and ran up a Costa Del Sol beach in front of astonished tourists.

This is the moment an angry wild boar emerged from the sea and ran up a Costa del Sol beach having been forced down from the mountains because of drought

The animal was filmed at Benajarafe Beach on the eastern end of the Costa del Sol a half-hour drive from Malaga

Beachgoers have been warned against approaching the boar which could cause serious injuries

The powerful animal, thought to be around three years old and christened ‘the wild boar shark’ by locals, made its dash along the sand at family-friendly Benajarafe Beach.

Terrified tourists and locals could be heard screaming as the 10-stone beast swam towards the shoreline, with one overheard yelling in Spanish: ‘Watch out, it’s coming out of the water.’

It narrowly missed an elderly couple in their swimwear and a topless younger woman in a bikini bottom behind them as it charged up the beach before disappearing into reeds behind the sand. 

Footage shows locals and tourists screaming and taking cover as the wild boar runs over their towels and along the beach

And last June, a female sunbather was injured after being bitten by a wild boar which rushed out of the sea on a Costa Blanca beach. 

Footage showed locals and tourists screaming and taking cover as the wild boar ran over their towels and along the El Albir beach just north of Benidorm.

Lifeguards managed to chase the animal away from the beach and crowded seafront bars and cafes before it caused any more problems.

The boar collided with the woman and bit her, though it is not known whether the bite was intention, said medics who treated the injured woman at a local health centre. 

At the time, officials in the nearby city of Dénia said they were considering using archers to keep tourists safe from the problem of wild boars roaming town streets at night.

Wild boar numbers have exploded across Europe, with the latest estimates now surpassing around 10 million of the animals across the continent.

Boars can carry a wide variety of diseases and are increasingly drawn to cities, where they live off rubbish discarded by humans.

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