Roofer cut off his own boot after firing nail gun through foot

Roofer fires nail gun through his FOOT before climbing down 20ft scaffolding and cutting off his boot with a Stanley knife

  • Rob Owen accidentally tapped tip of nail gun on boot triggering the tool to go off
  • The 36-year-old father of two fired a 2.5 inch nail through big toe of his left foot
  • Speaking after the incident, Mr Owen said he would be more careful in future

A roofer was forced to cut off his own boot with a Stanley knife after he shot a nail all the way through his toe and out the other side.

Rob Owen, 36, tripped and leaned forward to break his fall, tapping the gun off his boot, triggering the release of a high-speed 2.5in nail straight into his left big toe.

Working two floors up, the dad-of-two hobbled down the 20ft tall scaffolding and off to hospital, but medics couldn’t do an x-ray due to his metal tipped boot.

Rob Owen, 36, (pictured with daughter Heidi) was forced to cut off his own boot after he accidentally fired a 2.5inch nail through the big toes of his left foot while working on a roof

Pictured: nail passed through Mr Owen’s boot and became lodged in the big toe of his left foot

So after waiting for five hours, brave Rob grabbed the Stanley knife from his pocket, and cut his boot, to reveal his toe pinned to the sole of his boot.

Docs couldn’t pull it out because of rivets along the nail, so had to cut the head off and PUSH it through the bottom of his foot, on September 7.

The nail had gone through the bone, but Rob, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, said: ‘I was in shock.

‘The adrenalin was really pumping. It all happened so quickly – in a split second.

‘I didn’t realise at first, then I saw the nail sticking out the top of my boot. I’m just so lucky.

‘It was a clean hole right through the bone in my toe, so there was no bleeding.

Rob was working two floors up when the incident happened and he had to climb down 20ft of scaffolding before cutting off his boot with a Stanley knife. Pictured: Rob’s foot with the nail

‘Otherwise I could have bled to death in my boot.

‘It was almost comical seeing this boot sole pinned to my foot, like something out of a joke shop.

‘It will be a great story to tell, especially if I start limping when I’m 50.’

Rob, a roofer from age 18, screamed when he shot himself, which alerted a colleague who drove him five miles to Wythenshawe hospital, in Manchester.

The dad to Amelia, 15, and Heidi, five, had to take five weeks off work.

Married Rob added: ‘I’ll be more cautious when I’m using a nail gun now. If one was to hit you in the head you’d be dead.’

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