Royal chef shares Queen’s favourite birthday treat as she celebrates her 96th

A Royal chef has shared an insider secret into one of the Queen's favourite celebratory treats as Her Majesty celebrates her 96th birthday today.

Darren McGrady, who was chef to the Queen for 15 years, revealed that the monarch really does have a sweet tooth during her annual celebrations.

According to the chef, the Queen loves a chocolate birthday cake and actually gets one twice a year.

The iconic recipe reportedly dates back to Queen Victoria and was originally created by her chef Gabriel Tschumi around 1899.

Writing on his blog, Darren McGrady said: "It’s a recipe that I fine tuned for Queen Elizabeth II and made for her twice a year because Her Majesty has an official birthday in June and real birthday in April each year."

And it's not just the Queen that loves indulging in a chocolate treat.

According to Darren, every member of the royal family requests the iconic chocolate birthday cake too.

Darren added: "And every cake looks the same because the pastry chefs are instructed never to write a name on the cake, just 'Happy Birthday', never Happy Birthday Your Majesty or even Happy Birthday Queenie!"

During her special day today, the Queen is reportedly celebrating with a tea party with friends and family.

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But these celebrations are just the start for Her Majesty, as 2022 is a historic year. It also marks the 70 years she has sat on the throne.

Her much-awaited Platinum Jubilee is set to be celebrated between June 2 and June 5, with a bank holiday for Brits on June 2 and 3.

Even though there is lots to celebrate, the Queen's health has also been a worry. Her Majesty recently recovered from Covid-19, in February, and since then it has also been reported she has been suffering from mobility issues.

However, in a new interview with Prince Harry following his visit to the UK with Meghan Markle, he has given a positive update on her situation, adding that she was in "great form".

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