Royal guard faints and faceplants in front of Queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall

A Royal guard has collapsed while on duty as he protects the Queen's coffin.

A BBC video shared on Twitter showed a Royal guard dressed in uniform as he faceplants the floor while standing in front of the Queen's coffin at Westminster Hall in London.

The 17-second video shows a change of Royal guards process about to take place.

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As a set of guards begin to swap duties, in a close shot, one appears to be trembling until seconds later, when they fall, face first, onto the floor.

The overhwhelmed guard is on the floor for seconds until two police officers hurry over in an attempt to pick him up.

The police gradually raise the guard from the floor before the video transitions to a black screen revealing the Houses of Parliament.

Fans take to Twitter to share their reaction to the scenes.

One person tweeted: "He must've been so overwhelmed with what was happening."

A second wrote: “Bless him – just happened to tune in; saw he was a bit wobbly and feared he’d faint. Hope he’s ok.”

Another commented: “Poor man, I hope he’s alright. It was awful to see.”

While fourth penned: “It’s such a massive responsibility during such a historical moment. I hope he’s fine.”

It comes two days after a TikTok user, whose video had gained more than 7.7million views, showed the moment a guard collapsed outside Buckingham Palace.

In the video, a guard was seen walking down the side of the Palace when he suddenly raises one of his legs in the air and slips over, landing on his back.

The crowd were heard gasping as his iconic "bearskin" hat was sent flying behind him.

The day of the Queen's funeral will be a Day of National Mourning.

The late monarch will be laid to rest on Monday, September 19, at Westminster Abbey, London, 10 days after her death on Thursday, September 9.

Officials also expect Westminster Hall will see almost half a million visitors coming to view as those who are unable to visit the capital will instead switch on their televisions as they turn to 24hour streaming.

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