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ANOTHER one of Vladimir Putin's fighter planes has crashed in Russia after both pilots reportedly blacked out and suffocated in the cockpit before hitting a house.

The Su-30 plunged nose-first into a suburb of Irkutsk while on a test flight from the Irkutsk Aviation Plant in the latest embarrassment for Vladimir Putin.

The pilots are understood to have suffocated in the plane's cockpit – leading to the jet falling from the sky like a stone.

Videos from onlookers and dashcams caught the moment of the crash and explosion into a residential house in Siberia. 

Both airmen died in the fireball.

Three children were said to have been evacuated from the two-storey building hit by the out-of-control plane.


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It comes after just last week an Su-34 crashed killing three children and ten others when it slammed into a block of flats in Yeysk.

Russia has seen at least 11 military plane crashes on home soil since the war started which were unrelated to the battlefield.

Putin's military is understood to be wildly corrupt and has been hopelessly exposed in his brutal war against Ukraine.

Vlad's men are undertrained, underequipped and what gear they have is believed to have been poorly maintained or out-of-date.

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And all this comes as they face defeat after defeat against a highly motivated Ukrainian army mounting a major offensive.

Putin's war machine has ground to a halt – and he is now only losing ground he claims is now part of Russia.

The Su-30 took off at 5.47pm local time and then ceased communication.

It is reported another aircraft was also on the flight – and pulled alongside.

The other pilots noticed the two pilots in the doomed plane were sitting with their heads down.

When the fuel ran out, the plane began to fall from the sky, according to reports.

And moments later there was a fireball as the plane crashed into a house.

Thankfully no one on the ground was killed or seriously injured.

The plane was reportedly not carrying ammunition and had taken off from the plants where the jets are manufactured.

Irkutsk region governor Igor Kobzev was at the scene five time zones east of the capital city Moscow. 

While facing internal disasters in Russia as discontent over Putin's bungled war grows – things are not going well across the border in Ukraine.

Kremlin forces are currently attempting to evacuate the key region of Kherson as they may be plotting to blow up a key dam.

The dam would unleash an 18million ton wall of water – flooding 80 towns and villages to slow the march of the Ukrainians.

Liberating the region – which has been illegally annexed by Mad Vlad – would be a major victory for Ukraine and a further humiliation for Russia.

And it could open the door to a fresh offensive towards Crimea – with some believing the Russian army could even collapse before the end of 2022.

But elsewhere it is feared Putin could launch a new assault towards Kyiv across the border from Belarus.

Vlad would be trying to open a new front in a bid to slow the storming Ukrainian advances in the wartorn country's east and south.

Russia's desperate bid to turn their failing war around has also seen them launch a massive assault on civilian infrastructure.

Missiles and drones are being used to rain down on power stations as the weather gets colder and days get darker.

Yesterday, Putin's strikes left nearly 1.5million Ukrainians in darkness.

It is believed Russia hopes by doing so they may be able to make Kyiv lose hope and give up the defence on their homeland.

Kremlin officials claimed on Saturday they had prevented an attempt by Ukraine to break through its line of control in Kherson.

Kyiv has imposed an information blackout from the Kherson front to prepare for the final push.

And in a rare admission of problems on the battlefield, Russian commander "General Armageddon" Sergei Surovikin said the situation in Kherson was "already difficult".

He chillingly warned Russia was "not ruling out difficult decisions" there. 

Putin's commanders believed they could roll over Ukraine in a matter of days – but now the war has been raging for eight months.

They convinced Russia troops they would be greeted with cheers and waving flags as "liberators", instead, they were faced with Kalashnikovs and Molotov cocktails as invaders.

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Vlad's war has become a slow and brutal quagmire – one which has seen the Russians change tactics, moving from attempts at surgical strikes to savage, indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

With further defeats on the horizon, a seemingly hopeless mass mobilisation, and a resurgent Ukraine storming towards their new "territory" – fears are growing the war could escalate once again.

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