Russian lawmaker in a coma from ‘unfortunate fall’ after calling for end to war

A top Russian lawmaker who defied evil Vladimir Putin to call for an end to the brutal invasion of Ukraine is in hospital after reports he suffered an “unfortunate fall”.

Anatoly Karpov, a former loyalist to the evil dictator, said he wanted “peaceful people to stop dying” before he suffered the supposed tragic accident.

The 71-year-old is now in a “serious” condition after being placed into a medically induced coma on the Sklifosovsky Institute’s neurology ward.

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Karpov, who was a chess grandmaster before getting involved with the Kremlin, had broken rank to tell a TV channel in April: “I wish the war would end sooner, so that peaceful people would stop dying.

“In the end ordinary people are the victims. Ordinary people fight, politicians and generals decide, and ordinary people fight, civilians die.

“I am not even talking about soldiers and officers. No, I could not imagine at all that Russians and Ukrainians would go to war. I have many friends in Ukraine.”

But despite claims that Karpov’s injuries came from a fall, mystery surrounds the exact cause and there have been several conflicting reasons listed.

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According to Andrey Kovalev, head of the All-Russian Movement of Entrepreneurs, he was battered by unknown thugs who left him slumped after the brutal attack as he left Moscow's State Duma building.

But his daughter has slammed this as “fake news” amid other reports suggesting the controversial OAP was drunk at the time and suffered a “domestic incident”.

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Kovalev is far from the first person to be brutally assaulted after criticising the ex-KGB Russian President – in fact, he is considered lucky to have escaped with his life.

It is still unknown who killed brave Putin critic Anna Politkovskaya, after her bloodied corpse was found slumped in a lift in her apartment after she was shot four times in a brutal close-range attack.

Whilst last month Ravil Maganov, boss of oil giant Lukoil, became another high-profile critic of the Russian leader to die after officials claimed he suffered from a mysterious fall from a window.

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