Russian state TV claims Prince Andrew and Prince Charles ‘need a war’ in bizarre broadcast

Ukraine: Gen. Keane sends warning about Russia-US cyberwar

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The news show claimed that the rising tension between Russia and Ukraine as Putin gathers nearly 190,000 troops on the country’s border was being used by Western media to deflect attention from scandals surrounding Prince Andrew and Prince Charles. The BBC’s Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg tweeted several still images from Russian news station Russia 1.

The broadcast displayed images of various Western politicians and significant figures, including the Royal family members and Boris Johnson, after asking: “who needs war?”

The Telegraph reported that the bizarre claim is part of an ongoing propaganda campaign to blame the Ukraine crisis on the West.

The strategy mirrors that used by Russian media in the build-up to the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014.

He added: “What are TV viewers in Russia being told tonight about tensions in Ukraine? The polar opposite of TV bulletins in the West.”

The Russian TV anchor stated: “Who needs war?”

The show then listed Joe Biden, Boris Johnon, Emmanuel Macron, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

While the wider context of the broadcast was unclear, it appeared to be arguing that the Russia-Ukraine crisis was being blown out of proportion by Western media.

It appeared to argue that this was in an effort to distract attention from, in the case of the UK, the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew.

The Prince last week reached a settlement in principle with Virginia Giuffre, who had accused him of sexually abusing her when she was 17.

The settlement in principle was met with an explosion of newspaper coverage.

While the amount paid to her has not been confirmed, the Telegraph claimed it was in the region of £12million, while some legal experts have estimated it was £10million.

None of the parties involved have confirmed the amounts.

Prince Charles is also caught up in scandal as his former close aide became the subject of a police investigation.

The Met Police have launched a probe after it was claimed that Micheal Fawcett offered to help a Saudi billionaire donor get a knighthood and UK citizenship in exchange for a donation to the Prince’s foundation.

Mr Fawcett resigned from his position as CEO of the charity following the accusation last October. Clarence House has denied that Prince Charles was aware of any of the alleged wrongdoing.

Russian TV commentators appear to be portraying the Ukraine crisis as the fault of the Western media and “fascists” in Ukraine – not Vladimir Putin’s.

Dmitry Kiselyov, a prominent Russian presenter who has been described as “Putin’s mouthpiece” has claimed that Ukrainians have “tortured and savagely killed” thousands of Ukrainians in the east.

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Mr Kiselyov recently broadcasted an interview with a separatist fighter in the east who told the Russian public that Ukrainian forces “want to kill and butcher you all, and hang your children on wires.”

This strategy was also employed in 2014, when these kinds of broadcasts became the justification for the invasion of eastern Ukraine.

Russia justified the invasion as an effort to protect ethnic Russians in the region.

In separatist-controlled Donestk, billboards can be seen encouraging citizens to take up arms. Further demonising Ukraine, they refer to the Soviet victory of the Nazis during World War Two.

One reads: “We won in 1943. We’ll win now.”

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