Sajid Javid praises ‘kindness of Islam’ in Regent’s Park mosque speech

‘We will never let the forces of hate divide us’: Sajid Javid praises ‘kindness and compassion of Islam’ as he and Sadiq Khan visit London’s Regent’s Park mosque to mourn New Zealand terror victims

  • Home Secretary joined interfaith event in solidarity with terror attack victims
  • Three days since gunman killed fifty at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch
  • Began with ‘Hello brother’ words used to one of first victims outside mosque
  • Joined by  London Mayor, Archbishop of Canterbury and Chief Rabbi
  • Mr Javid was urged to increase spending on protecting country’s mosques 
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The Home Secretary today praised Muslim worshippers for their ‘bravery and compassion’ during the terrorist attack in New Zealand. 

Sajid Javid was speaking at an interfaith event in Regent’s Park Central Mosque, alongside London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The gathering took place three days after fifty people were killed by a gunman who opened fire on two mosques in Christchurch and live-streamed one of the attacks.

In an address to the meeting, Mr Javid began with the phrase ‘Hello brother’, the words spoken by one of the first victims slaughtered at Friday Prayers in Christchurch.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid addresses the interfaith gathering at Regent’s Park Central Mosque today in a show of solidarity with victims of the terror attack in New Zealand on Friday

From left:  Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Mr Javid

  • Christchurch shooter’s one mistake that saved dozens of… Pictured: Terror suspect, 50, arrested for attempted murder…

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‘Gunned down as he welcomed the terrorist who marched towards the Al Noor Mosque,’ said the Home Secretary.

‘Words of love, not hate, that show the kindness and the compassion of Islam.

‘This gunman sought to divide us, but he was embraced.

‘Met with the spirit of Islamic welcome that has seen us all join together today.

Mr Javid was also joined by Communities Secretary James Brokenshire, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis in a show of solidarity with the victims of the shootings.

‘Here at London Central Mosque, leaders of all faiths and backgrounds stand together against hate,’ said Mayor Sadiq Khan at the event

The Grade II listed mosque was completed in 1977 and is adjoined to the Islamic Cultural Centre, which was opened by King George VI in 1944

Names of those killed in the attack were read out before holding a minute of silence.

‘The events that unite us are beyond tragic, but together we represent what is truly great about Britain,’ continued Mr Javid.

‘An open and welcoming country, that finds strength in its diversity.

‘Where the Chief Rabbi and the Archbishop of Canterbury stand side by side in a mosque full of Imams from across the UK. 

‘Where we refuse to let terrorists triumph.

Left to right: Communities Secretary James Brokenshire, academic Arzoo Ahmed, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Archbishop Justin Welby, Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan, and Home Secretary Sajid Javid

‘And where we – like that brave grandfather at the door of Al Noor Mosque – will never, ever, let the forces of hate divide us.’

Mayor Sadiq Khan, who also attended the meeting, said: ‘Here at London Central Mosque, leaders of all faiths and backgrounds stand together against hate.

‘Let us show that hope, unity and love always trump fear, division and hatred. And let our friends in feel the ripples of solidarity and compassion from our city.

‘Our Diversity is our strength. We dont tolerate it we celebrate and respect it. Let us be a beacon for the world.’

Self-professed terrorist Brenton Tarrant grimaces as he’s arrested. The self-confessed Australian terrorist Brenton Tarrant appeared smirking in court charged with murder on Saturday morning

After travelling to a second mosque to kill more innocent worshippers, police captured white extremist gunman Brenton Tarrant by pushing his car off the road.

It is presumed he may have been travelling to another target at the time.

Mulitple public buildings and places of worship went into lockdown just over an hour after the first reports of a shooting. 

Home Secretary has been urged to increase spending for protecting mosques in the wake of the attack during the meeting.

Sunni-Muslim academic Arzoo Ahmed said words of sympathy following the attack were appreciated, but action was now needed.

People in New Zealand brought flowers to the outside of the Masjid Al Noor mosque after officers removed a police line 

According to the Evening Standard, she address Mr Javid directly saying ‘I ask the Home Secretary, who has kindly joined us today, to respond to calls for increased spending on the protection of all religious institutions that are at risk, and urgently for mosques.’

Her comments came after police reports on Friday of hammer-wielding thugs attacking worshippers outside a mosque in East London hours.

The incident happened just hours after the New Zealand atrocity.

Eyewitnesses said a car with three people in it drove past a Whitechapel mosque, with passengers shouting abuse at the worshippers and calling them ‘terrorists’.  

A group followed the car which then stopped, with an assailant getting out brandishing a hammer.

A 27-year-old man suffered head injuries, which are not thought to be serious.


National-level futsal player Atta Elayyan (right) was reportedly killed on Friday. He is being remembered as an ‘inspiration’

Three-year-old Mucad Ibrahim (left) was also named among the dead after he passed away in the arms of his father and brother, who only survived because he played dead. Cardiologist Amjad Hamid (right) was gunned down after moving to New Zealand 23 years ago because he wanted a better future for himself and his wife 

Also believed to be among the dead is Husna Ara Parvin (left), who was reportedly gunned down as she tried to save her quadriplegic husband from the shooter. Haji Daoud Nabi (right), 71, a father-of-five and retired engineer, moved to New Zealand from Afghanistan in 1977 and set up a new life as one of the ‘first Muslims in New Zealand’. He is thought to be among the dead in the Christchurch shooting

Cashmere High School student Sayyad Milne (pictured), 14, who was at Friday prayers when the shooting started, is believed to be dead. Although it’s not been officially confirmed, his father has spoken of his loss

Khaled Mustafa (pictured) 44, was at the mosque with his sons and was later shot dead


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