Saudi-UAE troops in Yemen preparing for major offensive

Reports that thousands of soldiers are arriving near the besieged port city of Hodeidah are raising fears of a new Saudi-UAE offensive after the US and UN backed the resumption of peace talks.

    The UN’s special envoy to Yemen is relaunching talks to try and end the war, as the Saudi-UAE coalition deploys thousands of soldiers to the main port city of Hodeidah.

    The build-up has come alongside a series of coalition air raids on a base in Sanaa that Saudi Arabia claimed is used to launch missiles and drones.

    Hodeidah, on the Red Sea, has served as a vital lifeline for humanitarian supplies into Yemen, where a deepening food crisis is affecting 11 million Yemeni children and the UN says 14 million Yemenis could face famine.

    Al Jazeera’s Mohamad ElBardicy has this report.

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