Scandalous letter lets slip how Queen’s dad had affair with married woman

A scandalous unearthed royal letter more than 100 years old reveals the Queen's father had an affair with a married woman.

Written on June 9, 1919, the letter was written by Edward VIII, who famously abdicated the throne in 1936.

Known then as the Prince of Wales, he writes about how he lured Lord Loughborough away so that his wife, Lady Sheila Loughborough, could be alone with his brother, George VI, The Mirror reports.

He convinced Lord Loughborough to play a round of golf with him as a favour to his younger brother, who was known in his family as 'Bertie'.

The owner of the letter has now put it up for auction.

Bertie was said to have been infatuated with the Australian socialite, but his father, King George V, allegedly warned him against seeing her.

In Edward's letter to his married lover Freda Dudley Ward, he wrote: "I simply couldn't hit a ball at golf & Bertie beat my head off, f- him… we motored on to Winchester reaching Lankhills at 5:30.

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"After tea I managed to lure Loughie (Lord Loughborough) away on the pretext of wanting to play a few more holes of golf on the local course, so as to give Sheilie a chance of being alone with Bertie; they said they were tired & we left them…"

Simon Luterbacher, a specialist at Forum Auctions, said: "A bit of sibling solidarity was at play as they tried to get George alone with Lady Loughborough.

"It was a bit conniving on their part, and it is unusual to find a letter which goes into such personal detail.

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"The brothers clearly had a strong bond at the time, but this would change in later years with the abdication."

The letter is up for £2,500 at London-based Forum Auctions, with the sale taking place on February 10.

George VI, who was in his early twenties at the time of the letter, met Lady Loughborough at a dance in Stafford House, London, in 1918.

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Their affair lasted until George V reportedly found out about it in 1920 and offered to make his son the Duke of York if he dropped Lady Loughborough.

Later that year she returned to Australia in a bid to save her marriage, although the pair continued to correspond via letter and remained friends.

Shortly afterwards George VI met Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon – who later became the Queen Mother – and they married in 1923, while his brother left Freda in 1934 and met American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

George VI had two daughters with his wife – the Queen, then known as Princess Elizabeth, and Princess Margaret.

The Queen Mother sadly died in March 2002 aged 101.

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