Scott Thompson: Are your Halloween decorations up yet?

I think I put more into decorating the outside of the house at Halloween than I do at Christmas.

Although it is basically the same template for both, I just replace the red and green lights with orange and purple.

But the devil is in the details, as they say.

And frankly, I like creating a gory graveyard scene with cobwebs, blood and body parts, more than a winter wonderland with pixie dust, elves and candy canes.

However, after 19 years of the display and my youngest in his last year or two of trick or treating, I was thinking I could tone it down this year. Well, the kids would have no part of that and agreed to help, like they do every year …

No, not actually help, but promised to do so, until the boxes were opened and scattered, then they did the same.

I think I was hanging on the ladder five minutes before my son had stopped with his tombstone placement and instead was filming a horror video, fully costumed, in the garden.

I’m not sure whether the biggest challenge is getting my kids to help create the scary scene, or coaxing the frightened little ghosts and goblins up the driveway every Halloween.

I know, cherish the moment!

Hey! Who ate all the tiny Kit Kat bars?

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900.

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