Second speedboat suspected of killing Brit mum with propeller as owner is quizzed by cops

A SECOND boat suspected of hitting tragic Brit mum Claire Glatman in Corfu is being probed by Greek cops – as investigators reveal she had “no hope” of surviving.

The vessel belongs to a local man who was in the area when Mrs Glatman was struck while swimming in the sea.

He initially claimed to have tried rescuing Claire but was later quizzed by police.

The rib, called Spiderman, is similar to a boat owned by multimillionaire British hedge fund boss Rob Lucas – which is also being forensically examined.

Both boats are side-by-side being guarded by Greek port authority officials in Corfu’s marina.

A coroner and investigating team inspected them today for DNA evidence.

Investigators are still unsure which boat hit and killed Mrs Glatman, who was in the water off millionaires’ playground Avlaki Beach when she was hit on Monday.

They are appealing for any other boat owners or witnesses in the area at the time to come forward with information.  

The Lucas’ boat was pictured this morning at Corfu’s main marina, awaiting inspection from the coroner and public prosecutors.

Coroner Ioannis Aivatidis said Mrs Glatman was likely hit at “some speed” after the speedboat tried swerving to avoid her at the last minute. 

He told The Sun: “I performed her autopsy and I can say she had no hope of survival.

“It is possible the driver tried to avoid hitting her and swerved at the last minute. 

“It’s also possible she was waving to get the boat’s attention while in the water before she was struck.  

“I can confirm the drivers of the two boats we are looking at are under investigation still.”

Mr Aivatidis arrived at Corfu’s marina yesterday  to inspect the propellers of the two speedboats seized by authorities.

He added: “There are two motorboats to be looked at to see if we can identify which one might have hit the woman – or which one we can discount. 

“Blades of the propeller caused the injuries. We will be looking closely at them and searching for genetic material.” 

The mum-of-four had been 300 yards from shore with a pal who witnessed the accident on Monday morning in Corfu.

She was hauled from the water but died due to blood loss from injuries to her wrist, arm, chest, pelvis and leg.

The boat was believed to have been towing a water-skier when it hit Claire before racing off.

Islanders have said it was “an accident waiting to happen” with the water becoming increasingly packed with jet skis and speedbo

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