Sex doll customers demanding models with human skeletons and animal hybrids

Sex dolls with complete human skeletons and animal-human hybrid models may soon be available to customers.

Supplier Silicone Lovers received a raft of bizarre requests as lockdowns were introduced across the world last year.

The firm has previously sold clones of adult performers and models with cutting edge sensors that respond to human touch.

In 2020, its staff were asked to get to work on some similarly innovative projects.

Co-founder Louie Love told the Daily Star: “Because we are famous for our custom made love dolls, people assume we can make anything at all.

“We had a request for a doll with a completely anatomically correct skeleton inside, and another guy who just really wanted a sex doll dinosaur.

“We quite often get requests for animal-human hybrids from the furry community and those that want to make various anime and alien dolls, which we are more inclined to take on as a project, but these specialised requests take longer and are more expensive than customising a regular doll.

“Sometimes these are more for doll collectors who are less interested in the sexual element.

“We also had a guy ask us to design a doll head with a nose like Pinnochio.”

Thanks to coronavirus restrictions, demand for Silicone Lovers' dolls increased dramatically.

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Louie continued: “Thankfully, we had just employed a few friends part-time but they were working full-time shortly after the lockdowns were announced, and now we have taken on more staff to help with demand.

“To give you an idea, since Covid-19 our monthly revenue has become consistently the same as our normal entire year's revenue, so has increased over 10 fold.”

This year, the company is planning several further original designs.

One includes a breathing feature which allows the doll’s chest to rise and fall, “imitating real human lungs”.

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Last year, Silicone Lovers worked with DS Doll and Chinese model Jie to produce a replica of her available for punters.

It was pictured in the firm's Westworld-style factory being scanned by high-tech 3D equipment.

Silicone Lovers spokesman Nick said at the time: "We have some incredibly realistic dolls for sale, but Jie takes the cake.

“A lot of dolls are based off human models, but the sculpt is generally altered after taking initial measurements, and fine details are painted on after to give the impression of realism."

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