Sex robot manufacturer offers look inside factory with dolls hanging on hooks

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A sex robot manufacturer has offered a peek at its production process, sharing a photo from its futuristic factory.

RealDoll, based in San Marcos, California, the US, produces a range of sex robots alongside Abyss Creations.

Its more advanced models can carry out conversations, mimic orgasms, and develop their own personalities.

RealDoll recently gave customers a look at its operation in an Instagram post.

In the photo, a worker stands next to one of the male dolls as others hang naked on hooks.

It was uploaded with the caption: “What part of production would you like to see more of? The Real Cocks? More of what goes into the dolls?”

One sex robot fan responded: “I’d like to see everything in progress as well as the robotic assembly.”

Another said: “I’ve always been fascinated with body casting and your page @realdoll.

“It brings me much inspiration. I love all the behind the scenes stuff.

A third added: “I would like to see the makeup process. I think that would be very cool.”

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Last month, the Daily Star revealed that RealDoll could create a sex robot that mimics a partner's personality.

Its more advanced sex robots are equipped with X-mode, an in-built system that allows them to formulate responses.

Each customer can adjust their character post-purchase and are able to emphasise certain characteristics – including affection, insecurity, and intellect.

RealDoll could even create a sex robot that goes a step further and embodies a living person.

Company repBrick Dollbangersaid: "You can make a robot mimic anything really.

"If you’ve got the money to develop it, you would have to create a platform for this particular personality.

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"You would basically have to create it all around this one particular personality and it would take a cloud server and God knows how many developers to put this together.

"It would be very difficult. Do I think they can do it? Yeah, probably. To the point where you would actually say 'wow, this sounds really a lot like her' or 'oh my God, this robot mimics the same responses'."

The company has yet to receive a request so complex, though many customers have previously asked for dolls in the likeness of movie stars.

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