Skateboarding bulldog stuns TikTokers with amazing talent

Chowder the bulldog gets a new skateboard

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Chowder the bulldog has become quite the star on TikTok thanks to his amazing skateboarding skills.

The dog has honed his abilities on the board to the extent that he now needs to make sure he has a board which will give him optimum performance.

This amusing video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @chowderthebulldog, was a massive hit on the video sharing platform, with over 25,000 likes and over 200,000 views.

In the clip, viewers see Chowder and his sister Maddie excitedly dashing around as their owner unboxes a brand new set of skateboards they have been sent.

When the boards are finally out and ready, it’s time for the dogs to pick which they would like, with Maddie favouring the slightly smaller one.

Viewers are then shown precisely the footage they have been yearning for, as a clip of Chowder skating along on the larger board plays.

The clip finishes with the bulldog giving an ecstatic look to the camera as he rolls along with his tongue hanging out.

Viewers loved the clip, with one user commenting: “He’s still my favourite thing on the internet.” 

Another commenter wrote: “I love how he just knocked it down and goes. It is so cute.” 

A third added: “What a world we live in where a bulldog can become an influencer!”

Chowder has built up quite a following on TikTok, with his account now being followed by almost 850,000 people.

But he isn’t the only of his breed to have found fame on the platform of late, with Fella the bulldog going viral after enduring a nervy start to his first day at puppy club.

Fella didn’t seem to fancy joining in with his peers right away, instead preferring to stay by his owner’s side.

But a subsequent video showed that he eventually found the courage to join in with his new friends.

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