Spain’s key holiday hotspots struck by torrential rain and floods – MAPPED

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While the UK has been experiencing a period of mild warm weather after a long winter, European neighbour Spain has been engulfed by turbulent weather in recent days. Usually famed among British holidaymakers for its sunny status, Spain has recently been struck by flooding and torrential rain, affecting locals and tourists in several holiday hotspots.

As of Thursday, Spanish meteorological agency AEMET has issued several yellow and orange warnings for Spain’s southern and eastern coast, including across the popular tourist belt of the Costa del Sol.

Warnings range in severity, but a flurry has been issued for rainfall, coastal impacts and wind in several parts of the country.

While the bad weather has affected Spain for several days so far, even prompting flooding in some places, the weather is likely to continue for at least several days.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tyler Roys warned earlier in the week: “A very dangerous situation is unfolding across parts of the eastern coast of Spain.

“All of this rain has to go somewhere; therefore, there is a concern for significant flooding.”

Mr Roys added that as much as 12 inches of rain could fall in total across some areas of the country by later this week.

He said: “By the end of the week, much of southern and eastern Spain could get one to two inches (25-50 mm) of rain while areas from northeastern Alicante to Castellón could encounter totals on the order of four to 12 inches (100-300 mm),”

Wind is also a factor behind the terrible weather conditions, with WXCHARTS maximum wind gust maps showing gusty spells will affect swathes of central and southern Spain throughout Thursday, including in Malaga.

In addition, 24-hour accumulated precipitation charts show some significant rainfall across some areas of Spain by Friday morning.

While the maps show some areas further north will experience minimal rainfall, many southern areas near Malaga, Seville and Tangier can expect rainfall totals starting from around the inch mark (20mm) by Friday morning.

Several popular Spanish holiday spots will feel the brunt of the bad weather this week.

The WXCHART rainfall graph shows as much as three inches (78mm) of rainfall could fall in one spot south of Seville near Marbella by Friday morning.

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The same chart shows Marbella specifically could see some two inches (55mm) of rainfall in the same period.

Later on in the week, WXCHARTS data also shows approximately half an inch (10mm) of rainfall for Benidorm in the 24 hours between Friday and Saturday.

This heavy rain could barrage parts of Spain for as much as two weeks, according to some reports.

As per the Sun, Malaga has been drenched by some five months’ worth of rainfall in seven days, prompting reservoirs to fill up.

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