Spoon-bender Uri Geller had ‘vision’ of new PM’s face day before Liz Truss quit

One of Britain's most famous psychics and illusionist, Uri Geller, has claimed he had a vision that Boris Johnson would make a comeback the day before Liz Truss quit.

The famous spoon-bender made the claim while on BBC Three Countries Radio's Roberto Perrone show, as part of a segment that sought to add a fresh spin on the political brouhaha that has enveloped Britain.

Liz Truss resigned as PM on Thursday, October 20, 44 days after coming into office in which time she exacerbated the cost of living crisis, flung the property market into turmoil and sacked her Chancellor.

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Phoning in from his home in Old Jaffa – Tel Aviv's Old City – on Friday, October 21, the British-Israeli national brought the drama to the radio segment, by imploring Perrone to listen up.

"You won't believe this," said the 75-year-old, "I want you to listen carefully.

"The day before Liz Truss resigned, I actually called up a serious journalist in the BBC, he's my friend, in London and I said to him, I have a strange feeling that Boris Johnson is going to come back. I don't know why."

Not wanting to reveal the journalist's identity, Uri continued: "And then I asked him, 'do you think this is possible?'"

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Regaling his conversation with his journalist friend, Uri said that his pal replied: "What! No Way! It's not even a thing. I mean, Truss hasn't even resigned yet. This is not like In Israel where ex-Prime Minsters can make a comeback."

Uri then told Perrone that his surprised and shocked friend rang him on Thursday, October 20, the day of Truss' resignation, to tell the illusionist that Boris indeed might come back and that his return is being seriously discussed.

By way of substantiating his own claim, The Next Uri Geller host then said that his psychic abilities were so strong that previously even Boris Johnson had been blown away by them, writing in a column that he had been '"flummoxed by Geller's powers".

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Singing the ousted PM's praises, Uri continued: "Incredibly, there is now momentum and feverish speculation that he [Boris Johnson] might return.

"I watch Sky TV, so I see the latest news. Now whatever you think of him Roberto, he [Boris Johnson] has stacks of personality and charisma, and that's what a Prime Minster needs, a lot of charisma, more than any other possible candidate.

"He also, let's not forget, won the last election for the Conservatives, giving them a huge majority. And that's what they need. That's what they need to be thinking of now."

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After Uri and Perrone discussed Boris' lasting popularity with Conservative voters, despite being forced out of office for being embroiled in a string of scandals, Uri reinforced his belief that Boris will return to the top job.

He said: "I don't know whether it is an intuitive feeling, it's a psychic feeling, it's a paranormal feeling. Look I'm not a guru and I'm not a prophet, but I feel that Boris will come back.

"My gut feeling – it's a gut feeling – tells me Boris will be back."


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