Stimulus check – Here's why you haven't received your $1,400 Covid payment and what you can do about it

THERE are a number of reasons some eligible Americans have not yet received their $1,400 Covid stimulus checks.

After Congress approved the latest $1.9trillion Covid relief package, stimulus checks began processing on March 12.

Some people reported that the checks had been deposited into their accounts that weekend. However, others still haven't seen the money.

One of the reasons checks have not arrived yet is that some of them are still in the mail.

Checks are being sent out in rounds, and the IRS and Treasury confirmed on Wednesday that it had mailed about 150,000 checks.

More will be going out over the coming weeks, the agencies said.

Another possible reason for the holdup is that some checks may be getting intercepted by debt collectors, according to Yahoo! Finance.

There is reportedly a loophole in the latest stimulus package that gives collectors access to seize the checks to pay off certain debts.

However, Senate Democrats introduced a bill this week that would shield the payments from debt collectors.

A third possible reason for the delay would be if you do not file taxes. A single people under age 65 who makes less than $12,400 does not need to file taxes in the US, but is still eligible for a check.

The IRS does have a non-filers portal where you can register to receive your check, and the previous two if you didn't receive those either.

This round of checks also cuts off at a lower income cap than the previous two stimulus checks, so many people that were eligible for the first two are not eligible for this round.

People making up to $75,000 and couples making up to $150,000 will be eligible for the full $1,400 checks.

People and couples who make more will get smaller checks, but checks completely phase out for individuals who make more than $80,000 and married couples who make more than $160,000.

The previous two checks phased out at $100,000 and $200,000 respectively.

Eligible Americans who are waiting for their checks to come in the mail can track the $1,400 payment directly to their mailbox using the IRS stimulus check tracker tool.

The tool also contains information about your payment schedule, when the check will arrive and will also let you know if there has been an error processing your payment.

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