Storm Francis 2020 UK tracker: Where is it now and is there a weather warning?

STORM Francis, the latest burst of wet and windy weather, has now hit the UK.

Here is your up-to-date information about the Storm, where it is, and the weather warnings it has brought.

Where is Storm Francis now?

Storm Francis has hit the UK – leaving drivers on the roads battling flash floods and strong winds.

It crossed into the UK overnight on Monday, August 24.

A 700 mile-wide "Canadian low-pressure vortex" is bringing 70mph winds and some of the worst school summer holidays weather for 50 years.

The pressure is coming from the West, across the Atlantic Ocean – so has hit Northern Ireland, Wales, and the west of Scotland and England first.

By Wednesday, August 26, at lunchtime, the storm should have cleared to the east of the UK.

Is there a weather warning?

Yes – in fact, there are four severe weather warnings in place for Tuesday, August 25.

An amber wind warning is in place for Wales and the Midlands.

A yellow warning for strong winds runs across the whole of southern England and Wales, with a rain warning for Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Another warning is for rain in the north of England, running from Newcastle all the way to Bangor in the north of Wales.

All three yellow warnings will continue into Wednesday August 26.

What is Storm Francis?

Storm Francis is the latest instalment of wet and windy weather battling the UK.

It was named on August 24, and is made up of a deep area of low pressure coming from the Atlantic Ocean.

Forecasters are predicting heavy rainfall – up to 3.5 inches in places – during a 36-hour weather window.

Eight flood alerts are already in place in England and Wales and ten in Scotland.

Chief Meteorologist Andy Page, said “The UK is in for another unseasonably wet and windy spell with Storm Francis arriving on Tuesday.

"There will be strong winds and heavy rain, especially in the west of the UK."

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