Study reveals which Brits take the longest to choose a bottle of wine – where does your area rank? | The Sun

GEORDIES take the longest to choose a bottle of wine, a study shows.

Of those who take 15 minutes or more to pick their plonk, 14 per cent are in the North East city.

Folk in the South West and West Midlands also tend to take their time.

Most people — 73 per cent — choose their wine within ten minutes, with 41 per cent doing so in less than five.

Eight per cent take 15 or more.

One per cent spend up to to an hour choosing.

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Men appear more fussy than women — with 11 per cent taking longer than 15 minutes compared to five per cent of females.

While those 55-plus were more likely to know just what they wanted, the M&S study found.

First Dates star Fred Sirieix, the M&S wine ambassador, said: “Wine is often seen as having this air of snobbery or exclusiveness around it which makes people think they have to be an expert in order to talk about it or enjoy it.

“But that’s simply not the case…It’s all about knowing just enough to work out what styles and flavours you like, and then having the courage to try new things.

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“While I can’t tell you exactly what sort of wine you’re going to like best – everyone’s tastes are different after all – I can help dispel the myths and put even your biggest wine worries to rest.

“I guarantee the world of wine is far easier than you might think.”

Locations of those taking 15 minutes-plus to choose wine

1. North East (14%)

2. South West (12%)

3. West Mids (11%)

4. Wales (10%)

5. Yorkshire & Humber (8%)

6. East of England (7%)

6. North West (7%)

8. Scotland (6%)

8. South East (6%)

10. East Mids (5%)

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