Super Bowl LIV: Here’s a look at some ads Canadians may not see

Regardless of how we’re watching, Canadians won’t see the full slate of U.S. Super Bowl commercials this year.

A Supreme Court ruling means that Canadian networks will be allowed to simultaneously substitute their own commercials for the American ones.

Unlike in recent years, this will occur even if you’re watching the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs on U.S. broadcaster Fox.

Bell Media, which is broadcasting the game on TSN and CTV, says the Canadian simulcast will feature the debut of spots from companies such as BMW, Maple Leaf, Nissan and SkipTheDishes.

Notably, Budweiser’s “Whassap” campaign has gotten a 2020 reboot for the Canadian audience. (The U.S. Super Bowl ad, Typical American, strikes a very different tone).

As the CRTC says, companies are allowed to purchase airtime to run the same ad in both countries, allowing Canadians to see what are considered to be the most highly regarded U.S. commercials of the year. It appears at least some will do so.

But just in case, here’s a look at a few of the U.S. ads.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are featured in an ad that takes us on a trip through the ages to highlight what life was like before Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant.

Apparently, things didn’t go so well.

And as a side note, this may be the only commercial to feature both a dragon and a reference to the Watergate scandal.’ allowfullscreen=’true’ style=’border:0;’>

In an spot for Michelob Ultra light beer, late-night host Jimmy Fallon gets a few lessons in how to work out with wrestler-turned-actor John Cena.

The Roots, as well a few big-name athletes, are along for Fallon’s fitness journey.

A ’90s song helps illustrate how eating Cheetos popcorn can get you out of lending a hand in various situations.

As two men struggle with moving a heavy sofa, our protagonist — who is snacking while watching them from afar — sheepishly raises a crusty orange hand in the air as if to say sorry.

MC Hammer then pops his head out from inside a rug to deliver his line: “Can’t touch this.”

Cheetos’ corn chip cousin, Doritos, also brought a music star to its ad this year.

Lil Nas X and actor Sam Elliott have a dance-off to Old Town Road in the style of a western-movie standoff.

Naturally, it all goes down at the Cool Ranch.

Lil Nas X’s pardner on the hit song makes appearance of his own.

As far as “ambitious crossover” events go, Walmart’s Super Bowl ad rivals the Avengers movies.

Walmart does a rollback through entertainment franchise history — including Toy Story, Star Wars, Lego and even the movie Mars Attacks! — to showcase its online grocery pickup service.

“Whoa, is this the future?” asks Bill Preston of Bill and Ted fame, played by Alex Winter.

“This is the present future, Bill,” a younger version of himself responds.

Meanwhile, security guards at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, are excited to take the fleet out on high-speed chase to catch a masked man who stole one of the cars.

This one comes with a twist.

A commercial for a company that makes auto accessories pays tribute to the vets who saved a dog’s life.

Scout, a golden retriever owned by Weathertech CEO David MacNeil, was featured in the company’s Super Bowl commercial last year.

But, as we learned in this year’s ad, Scout was diagnosed with a tumour on his heart and given a month to live. Despite the slim chances of survival, the dog was saved by doctors at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.

The ad encourages people to support the vet program through donations. It cost a reported $6 million.

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