Surveyor identifies long list of issues in family's dream home

Our £379,000 new-build has 177 FAULTS: Surveyor identifies long list of issues in family’s dream home… and developer Redrow hasn’t fixed them in two years

  • Ryan Kirkaldy and his family have slammed Redrow over their new build in Devon
  • Mr Kirkaldy hired an independent surveyor who found 177 faults with their home
  • Issues include uneven front garden as well as poorly fitted doors and windows
  • Redrow accepted 60 of the issues and say they have agreed to carry out repairs
  • The company says it is working with the family to reach an ‘agreeable resolution’

A family has slammed property developer Redrow after an independent surveyor found 177 faults with their dream home as part of a two-year battle over the catalogue of snags.

Ryan Kirkaldy, 39, moved into the new-build Devon home in March 2019 while wife Natalie was pregnant with their son Jack, who is now two. 

But the family say it didn’t take long before they began to notice a catalogue of faults with the property which caused them concern.

Mr Kirlkaldy told the Mirror: ‘It looked like a bombsite. We noticed countless issues but we were assured everything would be fixed.

‘We expected to move into a lovely home, and at first we did think that. But then you sit and look around and the rose-tinted glasses come off.’

The Kirkaldys were so concerned they hired an independent surveyor from Snagaroo who say they found 177 individual faults or ‘snags’ with the property.

Ryan Kirkaldy and his family (pictured) have slammed property developer Redrow after they say an independent surveyor found 177 faults with their dream home, a new build in Devon

Mr Kirkaldy says some of the home’s doors and windows do not close due to poor fitting

Problems include access to live wires, an uneven front garden which includes several trip hazards as well as broken brackets for drainpipes. 

Ryan told the Mirror the front door was so poorly fitted, he could fit his entire hand in the gap, adding: ‘If we weren’t in a lovely area I’d be barricading it every night.’ 

Inside the property, Mr Kirkaldy claims there just as many problems including pipes with missing insulation, insecure banisters and ceilings that are not level.

The family also say that a number of windows and doors inside the property are fitted so poorly they either do not shut properly or they are too easy to open.

In a review on Trust Pilot, Mr Kirkaldy also claims there are missing plug sockets and plug sockets not in alignment with a poor finish and are ‘loose from the wall’.

He also says the kitchen units are fitted poorly after the wrong trims were installed initially before being replaced with the correct ones. 

The Mirror reports that a leaky windowsill in Jack’s bedroom meant rain caused irreparable damage to scans of him in the womb. 

The Kirkaldys are demanding compensation for the inconvenience and are asking for Redrow to apologise and fix all the problems in the property.

Ryan says he can fit his hand in between the gap by the front door causing a security risk

Mr Kirkaldy says some of the problems are cosmetic such as these mismatched fittings

He added the issues were affecting their mental health and said: ‘It has had a severe impact on us. The most stressful time of your life is having a newborn.’ 

Redrow have accepted 60 of the faults raised by the Kirkaldys but have rejected others either because they were not reported within seven days or because they are not considered a fault under National House Building Council (NHBC) guidelines. 

Peter Lewis, Group Resolution Manager at Redrow, comments: ‘We have been trying to work with Mr Kirkaldy for nearly two years, including visits to his home from senior colleagues.

‘We have identified and raised issues with the quality and nature of the report he commissioned, which was completed against the incorrect NHBC standards.

‘Despite this, we have agreed to undertake repairs to a number of items that Mr Kirkaldy has raised, however we are still waiting for the customer to grant us access so that we may remediate these items.

‘We have encouraged Mr Kirkaldy to utilise the NHBC’s free dispute resolution service where they will review any items in dispute and provide a review of the works against their approved standard. We remain committed to finding an agreeable resolution.’

Redrow say they confirmed to the customer which items they were committed to fixing via an email sent on July 6 although this is disputed by Mr Kirkaldy. 

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