Taliban chuckle as they burn musical instruments ‘because they’re immoral’

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    TheTaliban has created a bonfire comprised almost entirely of musical instruments and claim they threaten the “destruction of society”.

    Authorities fromAfghanistan’s vice ministry burned the equipment in the nation’s Western province of Herat on Saturday after condemning music as immoral.

    TheUnited States Armed Forces completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 30, 2021 after nearly two decades of war, and the Taliban subsequently regained power.

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    An estimated 2,400 US military deaths were recorded as a direct result of the ongoing battles.

    A surplus of 135,000 Afghans – including civilians – were estimated to be killed in the cataclysmic violence that followed.

    The Taliban promised a more moderate rule than that of their previous time in power in the 1990s.

    But officials rapidly introduced laws which aligned with their stringent sect of Islam – Sharia – including the banning of playing non-religious music in public.

    These disproportionately affect women, including banning education for girls beyond the sixth grade and urging beauty salons to close.

    Sheikh Aziz al-Rahman al-Muhajir, the provincial head of the Orwellian-sounding Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, said: “Promoting music causes moral corruption and playing it will cause the youth to go astray.”

    In a report published by state run news agency, Bakhtar, its rationale behind the pyrotechnics was due to music causing the “misguidance of the youth and the destruction of society.”

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    Hundreds of dollars worth of musical instruments went up in smoke at the weekend as the Taliban’s police collected equipment from wedding halls in the city.

    A guitar and other stringed instruments such as drums and amplifiers were left decimated in the embers.

    Officials gathered round the fire with wry smiles on their faces as they watched the corruption-inducing items turn into ash.

    Afghanistan’s culture is deeply entwined music, with strong influences coming from Iran and India.

    Students and teachers of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music once praised the centre’s inclusiveness.

    But since the Taliban takeover, they have not returned to classes and many musicians have also fled the country.

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