Teacher jailed for having sex with pupil moved from prison release job

Teacher who was jailed for having sex with 15-year-old male pupil is moved from prison release job as construction site security guard – so she doesn’t distract workers

  • Kandice Barber was jailed for six years and two months for grooming a child 

A teacher jailed for having sex with a pupil has been moved from her job as a security guard on a building site after distracting the workers, MailOnline has learned.

Kandice Barber had been working as part of a scheme to ease her back into the community after temporary release from prison.

She was jailed for six years and two months in 2021 having been being convicted of grooming a 15-year-old and having sex with him in a field.

The trial judge blasted the mum of three as ‘beyond despicable’ for seducing the boy with topless photos and explicit messages.

School teacher Kandice Barber was jailed in March 2021 after being found guilty of having sex with a pupil. Pictured: working in July as a security guardian a building site in West London

Barber, who worked at a school in Princess Risborough, Bucks, flirted with the teen sending messages during a school assembly.

The blonde teacher had bombarded the then 15-year-old pupil with messages, including one where she asked him ‘do you like boobs or bum?’ – and sent him a photo of herself on a bed surrounded by sex toys.

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She was found out after a topless picture she had sent her victim was circulated around so much it ended up being passed to the headteacher of their school.

Since May she had been employed as a gate guard at a building site in Hounslow, West London.

Wearing an orange hard hat and high viz jacket it was her job to check on drivers delivering goods to the construction site.

She would also check security passes for pedestrians entering the site where 74 new homes are being built for the local council by Wates Construction.

But after she was photographed at work – and builders became aware of her sordid past – she has not been seen at the site close to Heathrow Airport.

One builder said: ‘No one knew anything about her until she was photographed. Lots of people were talking about her, but we’ve not seen her since.’

It is believed Barber has been moved by Wates to another of their construction sites so she does not prove a distraction to others.

She had been released on licence after serving just over two years of her sentence as part of a scheme run by the Ministry of Justice.

As part of the Release of Temporary Licence (ROTL) she would be paid for the work.

Officials would have carried out a risk assessment before being placed at the building site.

As a security guard Barber would have had limited contact with other workers simply opening and closing a metal gate on to the site.

Prior to being moved she is said to have loved working on the site.

One builder said: ‘She’s attractive looking, so she’s already proving a hit with the lads, who have no idea about her background.

‘It’s no secret she’s a massive flirt and lots of the staff there have already noticed her.’

Wates Construction are one of several companies that partner with the Ministry of Justice to help inmates integrate back into the community.

She is likely to be released from prison early next year after serving half her sentence.

Kandice Barber bombarded the then 15-year-old pupil with messages, including one where she asked him ‘do you like boobs or bum?’

Her ex-husband has revealed that she blamed him for the break-up of their five-year marriage after he stood by her during her trial in 2020.

Danny Barker said he had supported his wife after she protested her innocence – but has not seen her for a year.

They stopped talking after he revealed he had been talking to another woman online and Kandice told him he had ‘broken her heart’. She filed for divorce.

Barker, 40, old has a new partner who is expecting his baby in the autumn.

Wates Construction has been contacted for comment.

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