Teacher sacked for racy clips strips off to find neighbour needing ‘extra love’

A teacher who was fired for filming porn in a classroom has offered out “extra love” to her neighbours.

In a video posted on Instagram, Khloe Karter stripped down to her underwear and took a stroll out onto her driveway.

While parading in the glaring sun ,she defiantly marches along the tarmac showing no fear of being seen by the neighbours.

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In fact, she is so unafraid of her neighbours’ gaze, she seems to want them to see her.

Overwritten text on the video said: “Just a mom on the prowl for a neighbour who deserves some extra love…”

A caption accompanies the video, where Khloe wrote: “Let me know if you need some help in the neighbourhood from your favourite milf”.

As anticipated, her fans were quick to comment on the post with messages of appreciation and a desire to become her neighbour.

“Can I go to ur neighbourhood haha,” one said.

Another asked: “I wish I was your neighbour I’d give all my attention to you”.

Another seemed more concerned about her progress in her quest to find someone nearby.

“Any luck?” they asked.

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Others were more simplistic, offering up messages of appreciation like “wow,” “gorgeous,” and “I wish”.

Khloe got the sack from the school she worked in because of her racy content.

Real name Samantha Peer, she taught science but created some of her adult content inside school premises.

Since then, she’s gone on to create a huge amount of content and has even sold used lingerie and socks to creeps online.

Formerly an educator at Thunderbolt Middle School in Arizona, she has had a tough time since she got the sack, having at one point received a ban from OnlyFans.

She even offered to write a handwritten note to customers for around £4.

However, those who want Samantha's worn Submissive Slave Lingerie in a 'dirty' condition, will have to fork out over £57.

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