Teen, 18, who planned to torture & kill man with murder kit including bleach for sleeping with other women is jailed

A TEENAGER who meticulously planned to torture and kill a casual fling because he was sleeping with other women has been jailed.

Sophie George, then 18, put together a sick murder kit filled with bleach, duct tape, forensic clothing, bin liners and lighter fuel before arranging to meet her victim in 2019.

She tried to get Adam Yiosese to drive towards a park before pulling a large serrated knife on him – but he managed to escape and called 999.

When police later searched her house in Brighton, East Sussex, they found "chilling" written plans of how to kidnap and murder him – as well as how to change her identity and start a new life.

This scheme included forcing Mr Yiosese to walk to a grave she had dug for him, and torturing him until he revealed the names of other women he had slept with.

Cops also discovered an application to change her name and forms for a new passport.


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Today, before Hove Crown Court, a judge told George she posed a danger to anyone else she might meet romantically before sending her to prison.

Judge Christine Henson said: "It seems from all I have read in this case, that you were fixated and consumed by revenge as you considered the victim had been seeing other women.

"You went to meticulous lengths to plan your attack. It is clear you knew what you were doing was wrong and your planning included evading responsibility and detection."

She added: "The author of the pre sentence report considers you to be a very high risk to intimate partners if you feel jealous or insecure.

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"Although it is an isolated incident, it is deeply concerning and your ability to conceal it from those around you makes it all the more troubling.

"A casual relationship is a relatively common occurrence in the lives of many. The extreme nature of your response to this was completely abnormal.

"It is clear you pose a risk to those you believe has let you down. This was not a sudden and spontaneous reaction but one you thought about and planned for weeks before attempting to carry it out."

Mr Yiosese has been left with flashbacks and difficulty trusting friends following the traumatic incident, the court heard.

As she was sentenced, George, now 20, who wore two Dutch braids, a grey headband, white t-shirt and black cardigan, sobbed into some tissues.


The court was told how George and Mr Yiosese met at Moulsecoomb train station when she was 17 and he was studying at the University of Brighton.

By the time of the attack, he had graduated with a first class degree and was working as a railway engineer in London.

They had exchanged messages over the summer, but she had put him off coming to the seaside city as she hatched her plan to kill him.

George eventually suggested meeting on October 9 and 11.15pm near her home, and he was confused when she became angry that he had brought his work van, not his car.

Police later discovered she had been researching how to lock the doors from the inside in the model he usually drove.

George got Mr Yiosese to drive to what she said was a friend's house, where she picked up two carrier bags filled with her "murder and torture kit".

She then told him she wanted to go to a park, and the pair drove in the direction of Wild Park.

But when he said he wanted to go and get food instead, George twice grabbed the steering wheel to force him to change direction.

She then pulled a knife on him and tried to stab him. He cut his hand deflecting the blow, and fled the van.


A woman in flats overlooking the road saw George launch her attack and phoned for the police.

When officers arrived, Mr Yiosese had injuries to his face, where she had punched him, and finger, where she had bitten to the bone.

The "full murder kit" discovered in George's bags included a bottle of bleach, a full-body forensic suit, shoe covers, gloves, shower caps, a lighter, bin bags, tape, a knife, cleaning equipment, instructions, a mobile phone and portable charger, and lighter fuel.

At her home, police also discovered a written plan to kidnap and torture Mr Yioses, including how to turn off her phone and delete messages and contacts to avoid detection.

Shortly before today's hearing, the judge was handed a handwritten note in which George expressed her remorse.

Defending, Graeme Wilson said that there had been an "imbalance" in George and Mr Yiosese's relationship, pointing to her youth and what he said was social isolation and a difficult home life.

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George initially denied two charges of attempted murder and one of possessing an offensive weapon, but pleaded guilty in May last year.

She was sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison, of which she must serve at least two in custody, with a four-year extended licence.

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