Teen relives moment fingertip ripped off as it got stuck in Reading Fest fence

A 16-year-old Reading Festival reveller who lost part of her finger while preparing to watch Aitch's set has described the horror of getting squished in a mosh pit that led to her hand getting damaged.

Summer Gibbs waited at the front of the stage for around half an hour to see the British rapper perform.

When his set kicked off it soon descended into a mosh pit, which Summer's friend said the rapper encouraged, before things took an ugly turn when the teen's finger became jammed in a barrier fence in front of the stage.

The sixth-former from Basingstoke, Hampshire, told the The Sun Online: "I was trying to get security and my friends to notice but everyone was too distracted, so I passed out over the fence.

"Then when I woke up and I started screaming for help. I felt so panicked and just yanked my finger out.

"It was hanging off and I was in and out of consciousness. Then once they lifted me out and I got to the medical tent, they put a tissue around my finger, which it then fell off in."

The teen said she had a panic attack and her vision and hearing went. She added that the numbness in her hand made her think she had fully lost her finger.

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"I think the adrenaline and panic led to me having no pain the first hour. After an hour, after which I began scream in agony.

"'If it wasn’t for the fact I kept the part of my finger nail that fell off in the tissue, I would’ve grown back a deformed finger, but my finger should be back to normal in about three to four months."

A viral TikTok video posted by @ryanwingfield was originally shared showing a girl in a white bucket hat getting into some difficulty.

The clip shows the security team having to step in to pull the young woman out of the crowd.

Reading Festival has been contacted for comment.

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