Teenager, 19, murdered two sisters after demonic pact to win lottery

Satanist sixth former, 19, is found guilty of murdering two sisters after he stabbed them to death in London park when he made pact with demon to win the lottery

  • Danyal Hussein murdered sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman in attack
  • It came after he used his blood to sign agreement with a ‘demon’ to win lottery 
  • Henry, 46, and Smallman, 27, found dead in Fryent Country Park, Wembley
  • Hussein had been referred to a  de-radicalisation programme aged just 15
  • But he had become obsessed with Satan and magic and started to plot kills 

A teenage Satanist murdered two sisters in a frenzied knife attack in an evil ‘celebration of death’ after making a ‘diabolical’ deal with a demon to win the lottery.

Danyal Hussein, 19, brutally killed Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, in the early hours of June 6 last year. 

Their bodies were discovered hidden in bushes near a picnic spot where they had been celebrating Ms Henry’s birthday in Fryent Country Park, Wembley.

Spells-obsessed Hussein had cut himself to use his own blood to sign an agreement with a ‘demon’ named Lucifuge Rofocale promising to ‘sacrifice’ women in exchange for the Mega Millions Super Jackpot.   

The shocked Old Bailey heard during his trial that in another note, he offered blood for ‘sexual potency’ and to make a girl at his school fall in love with him.

MailOnline can now disclose Hussein, who has Iraqi Kurdish heritage, had been referred to a de-radicalisation programme at the age of 15 and that police found evidence of right-wing activity on his computer after his arrest.

But despite police asking tech giant Apple for help they were unable to see what he viewed or who he talked to – because the firm refused to give them the password to his laptop.

Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were found dead following a ‘terrifying’ alleged attack

Danyal Hussein seen here in a picture that had been shown to the jury at the Old Bailey trial

Danyal Hussein (above upon his arrest), 19, is on trial at the Old Bailey accused murdering Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, in the early hours of June 6 last year

Hussein allegedly used his own blood to sign an agreement with a ‘demon’ named Lucifuge Rofocale promising to ‘sacrifice’ women in exchange for the Mega Millions Super Jackpot

Armed with a knife bought in Asda, Hussein had launched a ‘terrifying’ attack on Henry and Smallman in north London.

Having cut his hand in the process, he then dragged their bodies into bushes in a final heartless indignity for the innocent pair.

The sisters, who had been celebrating Ms Henry’s birthday with friends, were found the following day by Ms Smallman’s boyfriend.

Hussein, who declined to give evidence, has disputed DNA found at the scene or that he was caught on any CCTV, including footage of a person returning to his home after the killings in the early hours of June 6.

The sisters (above), who had been celebrating Ms Henry’s birthday with friends, were found the following day by Ms Smallman’s boyfriend

Armed with a knife bought in Asda, teenager (above, Hussein in Asda) launched a ‘terrifying’ attack on Henry and Smallman in north London, the prosecution allege

How Apple frustrated the police investigation

Police know that Hussein accessed the dark web but not what he viewed or who he talked to because he refused to give them the password to his laptop which had been used to surf the ‘dark web’

They could not fully access his Apple iPad because the company gave only limited help and police never found his mobile phone.

‘There’s not really a huge amount of information about how he became fascinated with demons and the occult because it was all done, behind locked doors in his bedroom essentially,’ Mr Harding said.

‘In my experience in murder investigations, my colleagues will say the same, we always seem to come to the same problem, getting into certain devices, and asking to get into them and sometimes being refused due to whatever reasons there might be.

‘I personally find it strange that you wouldn’t help in those certain situations because the reason you want to get in there is to understand if there are other people with a similar mindset that he’s talking to that we would need to get into interventions or whatever it might be.

‘So I think it’s incredibly frustrating to run a murder inquiry when your hands are tied behind your back in that way.’

But his lies were seen through by the jury in London’s famous crown court. 

In his closing speech, Mr Glasgow QC had told them: ‘Given the weight of the evidence against him, only someone who actually believes that an agreement with a demon will work could refuse to accept any aspect of the case against him.

‘Perhaps he still believes that Lucifuge Rofocale will come to his aid, but unfortunately for the defendant, there are no deals to be had in these courts and the devil – if he is anywhere – is in the detail. ‘

Outlining the tragic circumstances, he said: ‘For Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, Friday, June 5 was supposed to be a celebration of life; a birthday party, a night where you reflect on the year you have had and look forward to the year that will be. 

‘It was supposed to be an evening of friendship and love; a chance to spend time with those closest to you.

‘And it was supposed to end with both sisters returning home to their loved ones with smiles on their faces and fond memories to look back on.

‘For this defendant, however, the celebration he had planned was quite different.

‘It was a celebration of death, not of life; it was a night of sacrifice and violence, not of shared emotions; and it was the start of his planned campaign of vengeance that would see part of his twisted bargain fulfilled and leave him looking forward to the riches he believed would soon come his way.

‘It is hard to imagine that anyone could do to another human being what this defendant did to Bibaa and Nicole; but to have planned it, to have prepared it and to have performed it with such ruthless selfishness it truly terrifying.

‘He did not care what he had to do to get what he wanted, and these two women were nothing more than a means to a very disturbing end.

‘Indeed, the last few minutes of Bibaa and Nicole’s lives must have been truly terrifying.’

The defendant’s claim that someone else wrote the agreement to sacrifice women for a lottery win was almost as ridiculous as the document itself, the lawyer asserted.

‘The person responsible for this perverse document and the person responsible for the brutal slaying of two women are one and the same individual: this defendant,’ Mr Glasgow said.

He also dismissed the suggestion by the defence that the crime scene could have been contaminated, saying there was no evidence from Hussein to explain how his blood and DNA got there.

Earlier, trial judge Mrs Justice Whipple warned jurors not to be drawn into speculation or influenced by emotion as they assessed the evidence.

On the central issue of the case, she said the prosecution say the evidence shows the killer was Hussein while the defendant asserts that the jury ‘cannot be sure of that’. 

Lawyers for Hussein claim a ‘mystery man’ who looks like the teenager bought the knives at the supermarket and purchased shovels and mask from Amazon.

An unknown person also wrote out the contract with Lucifuge Rofocale – then signed it in Hussein’s blood and left it under the television in his bedroom. 

DCI Simon Harding, the senior investigating officer for Operation Saxonstreet, said after the case: ‘This has been a shocking case that will stay with all of us for many years to come, not least the awful way in which these two vibrant women met their deaths but also Hussein’s bizarre deluded fantasies that he should sacrifice the women in exchange for a lottery win.

‘I strongly believe that he would have gone on to kill more women if he hadn’t injured his hand in such a way that he did when he killed Bibaa and Nicole.

‘It’s very difficult for my team still to this day to comprehend that this 18-year-old boy, as he was at the time, could have carried out such and such savage attacks.

 ‘He showed disrespect for everything, for the families, support systems, the process, police, paramedics, everybody – and the jury,’ Mr Harding said.

The contract with the devil talked about sacrificing women to win the lottery but police say they could ‘never rule out’ a racist motive because of ‘right-wing themes’ in his online activity.

Hussein’s online conversations showed ‘some limited evidence of far-right thoughts’ but most was to do with ‘love spells and potions’, Mr Harding said.

Satanism ‘sits behind it, essentially, it’s an ideology as far as we can see and it’s like a cult following,’ he added. 

Olcay Sapanoglu, from the CPS, said: ‘Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry were loving sisters who adored each other and had a real zest for life. But their lives were unexpectedly and cruelly cut short in the most horrific of ways as they celebrated a birthday together.

‘Danyal Hussein targeted them – two women in the dark. His actions were part of an absurd and twisted deal he thought he was making with a demon – and he executed his part of the deal with shocking savagery. His victims stood no chance. He had come prepared to ‘sacrifice’ women.

‘The prosecution case included CCTV evidence and strong scientific analysis of DNA and blood found at the scene which linked to Hussein.

‘Hussein has shown no remorse throughout these proceedings. He has consistently denied being the person caught on CCTV making his way to and from the park or being the person buying the murder weapon at an Asda supermarket.

‘The deaths of Ms Henry and Ms Smallman have devastated their loved ones and left a local community reeling. Our thoughts remain with all those affected.’

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