Terrified nanny finds hidden bedroom camera with ‘nude recordings’

A "creepy" dad who allegedly secretly recorded "hundreds" of exposing and nude videos of his live-in nanny tried to break down her door when she discovered the hidden camera in her bedroom, she claims in a lawsuit.

The traumatised nanny reportedly jumped out of a window to flee her employer after being terrified that he could have a gun, according to court documents.

25-year-old Kelly Andrade went straight to police to report Michael Esposito, father of four.

He was arrested on March 24 with a felony charge of unlawful surveillance.

Kelly Andrade, a Colombian native, claims she had hundreds of hours of training before being gaining employment with Cultural Care Au Pair and moving to America.

The company situated the 25-year-old in the $800,000 (£584,581) lavish home of Esposito, who owns three LaRosa Grill franchises, and his wife, Danielle.

Andrade was reportedly excited for her new role and hoped it would give her a chance to learn English, she told The New York Post through an interpreter.

The family gave her a nice bedroom to sleep in while she cared for their four young children, but the uncomfortable nanny claims she kept finding Esposito in her room.

In a shocking discovery, the nanny examined the smoke detector and found a camera inside with a memory card that had "hundreds of recordings" of her stored on it.

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The footage allegedly caught her "nude and/or dressing/undressing,” she claimed in the legal documents.

Terrifyingly for the nanny, Esposito reportedly showed up to the house "within minutes" of her finding the sinister camera and footage.

The 25-year-old nanny said she tried to pretend that she was sleeping in a desperate attempt to get the father-of-four to leave, but he was "banging on the door".

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Andrade said she entered "fight or flight mode" and said she thought "I need to get away," before making a daring leap from her first-floor window.

Esposito was able to be released, due to his lawyer claiming at the time of the arrest that the camera was installed for security reasons, according to the Staten Island Advance.

Andrade is suing the family and employer Cultural Care for unspecified damages claiming a hostile work environment and discrimination.

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